Pre-Date Program


Pre-Date Program

Our Pre-Date Program assists new and experienced daters. Our steps make dating easy, successful and put you in dating. We are there for all daters finding their groove in the dating world. Whatever your age, gender, occupation, dating status, we will help you be your best!

You may be new to the field and feel clumsy or unsure of why you can’t secure the second date or you can’t get through to your partner.  We get it. Dating is super confusing and you never understand the why to the unanswered text or call so we will help you refine your dating style and get you the callback.

In a few consultations, we will help you refine your dating style and sure up your ability to capture someone’s eye and make them never forget you.

Our experts are there to help you with style, etiquette, mannerisms, and date locations. We will eliminate the questions and give you the answers you have been waiting for.

Pre-Date Program

  • $30 for 30 minutes at a specific location
  • $60 for an hour at a specific location

Pre- Date Consultation

  • $20 for Initial Consultation

If you follow our suggestions, you will discover the fun in flirting!

Don’t wait any longer for a Professional Consultation


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