Plan, Enjoy, Review

Every date starts with the intention to meet another. The concept seems simple enough. We interact with people everyday, but the meaning behind a date complicates the event so much that people fear calling, texting or even meeting another individual. When the word date is even mentioned, millions of questions go through minds like am I good enough, what do I wear, where will we meet, what are the intentions, and so on.

First, calm your nervous, remind yourself that you are amazing and have so much to give to a relationship and it is just a date. Then, start at least a week out from the date doing self-care things, selecting the outfit, and preparing responses.  Yes, I said a week out. If the date is in your hands, ask for a week from the day they asked. Everyone is very busy so he or she will understand. Also, you need time to prepare. Trust me your date can wait.

Plan A Week Out

  1. My biggest suggestion start exercising by taking walks during your lunch break, dusting off a Jillian Michaels’ workout video or finding a gentle yoga class. Start moving! Movement will increase your confidence, reduce your stress and possibly tone up areas that you dislike (bonus).
  2. You may also want to look in the mirror and examine yourself. If you see your hair needs a trim, your roots are an inch out, and your nails need to be filled, make the necessary appointments!
  3. In addition to self-care, try your best to layout your intended outfit during the week. Mix and match different combinations and try on the clothes. Then as the week moves along, you can build your outfit and pick up additional items to finish the look. If you get stuck with how to enhance your outfit, google search latest trends, accessory suggestions or even walk into a store to survey the displays. This extra step prevents you from standing in front of the mirror on date night crying and wishing you stopped eating the Ben & Jerry ice cream the night before, running out in a panic to the closest store for a top or wearing an outfit out that you really don’t like and feel “ugh” in. Never a good start to a date. You want to rock what you have on so please take these planning steps as valuable advice.  Sadly, I can’t recommend what to wear on a date because every individual and date is so unique, but make sure your outfit is clean, nothing is falling out and your appearance shows your date that you care about yourself.
  4. Think of your date as a informal interview (that has been said before). Be prepared to answer questions, build conversations, show your personality, define who you are and most important be yourself. For newbies to the dating scene, write down possible questions and answers as preparation for the date. (I will make a list later.) You may what to practice with a friend to get feedback or in front of a video camera then review the footage. The feedback can be very helpful as you go into your date.

Establishing the Date

Date Night

  1. For the married couples, try to establish talking points that are welcomed and others that aren’t. Defining the conversation can help keep the date enjoyable and avoid the daily grind talk.

We are enjoying meeting with another, but why What is the intention of the date? When is it? What is the budget? Who is invited? How much time do you intend to be out? What is the focus? Why is the date being planned?