Set the Date for January 2017

As I develop this site, I would love to build a business focused on creating fun, memorable dates for singles and couples in my local Lehigh Valley area and beyond. I am here for singles, new couples, mature relationships and anyone needing a little help.

How would it start? You would complete a “dateable” profile wp-1478551059838.jpgand share your personalities, interests, and goals with me. Then, I would design a customized date for two. Technically, I am the Date Stylist!

What kind of dates are available? Well, it is limitless. I truly believe dates must reflect your relationship and intention so activities, locations, budgets, pacing  will vary based on your individuality. I encourage couples to try something new, be adventurous and take a relationship to a new level through an experience.

What is the plan? As this dream develops, I see many opportunities. My imagination
wanders freely through vast crazy dates like skydiving and a picnic, surprise! a personal cook in your house for dinner, date on a farm, reserve the best seat and waiter in a restaurant to a fully decorated hotel room with candles, chilled wine, and chocolates. I hope to make the impossible romance feel possible for everyone through my service and site.

This project is a total work in progress and being shaped daily by singles and couples’ ideas and wants. As I hear stories, the concept becomes stronger and my business forms a concrete mission advocating  for individuals and couples to flirt with romance.