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WOW! Before tonight, this page had the most hits with nothing on it until now (November 1, 2016 at 6PM) . After seeing the stats, I dedicated two hours of my night pouring ideas and inspiration for my Lehigh Valley friends and non-residents. To my outside followers: Don’t pass this site, I have travelled many places and found similar destinations, experiences and events outside my hometown so hone in on the ideas and borrow them. If you can’t find it, make it happen in your own creative way!

The list provided below are starting points so be inspired to make Your Own Mix Date.

My MixDates 

#1: My Hometown Date: Visit Emmaus, PA and cruise Main Street. I recommend Sundays from 10AM- 2PM when the Farmers Market is open and shops are hopping. My town has a locally owned bookshop, Let’s Play Books to find your Couple’s Book Club read, a coffee shop, South 20140720_104547.jpgimg_0294Mountain Cycle & Café with hot drinks and inviting two person sitting, a breakfast spot, Baked filled with yummy breakfast sandwiches and treats, and an art gallery, Tangent Crafts stocked with local work.  Finally if you are in town for lunch, check out the new sandwich shop, Pedone’s Deli. If you are an active couple, Emmaus Run Inn is always ready to help you custom fit your footwear, too. I would plan your date for a good two hours to  fully enjoy the market’s live music, produce and products and the neighboring shops and cafés.

#2 Get out of Dodge Americans love their cars and the open road. For this date, you need a kickin’ playlist, a full tank, snacks and drinks and sweet wheels. Planning can vary so make it up as you go. Where to start? Set a day and departure time! Then, drive.  Typically, hour and half out and back is enough, but go the distance and drive until the tank is empty then fill her up and return home. You may even want to rent a fun car?!?

Depending on your level of adventure, I suggest having a N, E, S, W, direction in mind, but again not totally necessary. Instead of a GPS guide, grab a map in Staples or the grocery, store and use old school 20130623_113832-1-1mapping skills. We all love Siri, but it is  nice to hear your partner try to give you directions. If you go with the Human Map, you will find that you will rely on each 20140726_173222.jpgother and build discussions about the roads, not the life stuff. Team building is always a bonus on a date. You may get lost, turn around and yell at each other, but that’s part of the trip. Laugh it off and say, “we are trying to get out of Dodge.”

Don’t cheat on this date, try to keep the phone away and do as little research as possible. While out, I would suggest stopping at a local gas station or a hotel and collect a bunch of brochures. Then, pick an adventure, a museum, or weird location to visit. You may want to ask a local what do, too. They usually have great suggestions! Once, I found a Mudscn0111d Run through a tip, but not the mud run you are thinking about. It was a car mud run! I left with mud my jeans and a story to tell.

Don’t stay in your area! Go for drive and see your surroundings. This weekend, roll your windows down, blast your tunes, and take a Drive Out of Dodge or America if that is how you are feeling, just don’t forget your passport.

#3 Historic B-Town Oh man, this one is easy. Close to my hometown, there is a city called Bethlehem, which is rich with historic sites, colleges, festivals, fine dining, coffee shops, art galleries and cute shops to browse. This small strip provides many opportunities to weave interests into the date. Remember my advice: never have a date be just about one thing. This location provides a perfect balance of history, good eats and selfie shot spots. If you head downtown in the morning or late afternoon, you want to plan at least four  to five spots to move through. For example: The Joint or The Backdoor BakeShop for coffee and sweet treats, The Sun Inn to travel back in time, Moravian Bookshop for a good read or stylish decor, the historic sites by the river for a photo op and lunch at Tapas or Fegley’s BrewWorks. If you like to explore, Moravian College isn’t far with a beautiful campus and if you stroll down by Sand Island you can find the D&L trail which follows the river. I could go on but you get the idea. This little city is a must hit for a 1 st date to a 1000th date. So, I invite you to design your next date in this historic city and fall in love under the star of Bethlehem.

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