I Will Accept

Over the years, I have kept my secret desire of starting a blog about love to myself, but after seeing my friends struggle with finding love, falling out of love and restoring love. I couldn’t wait any longer and figured tonight, October 23, 2016, was the night to begin sharing my how to’s with the world.

This idea started years ago when I was addicted to the Bachelor/ Bachelorette.  Season after season, I would watch the show with my husband and dream of traveling to destinations, experiencing the over the top romantic dates and falling for the fairy tale proposal. Then, I would look around my bedroom covered in laundry baskets, Nerf guns, and random clutter. My life is far from the show, but through my creative, romantic style I have been able to create experiences for my husband and me to enjoy, showcase our interests, and bring a slice of reality TV into our relationship. It didn’t take much and only a few simple tricks!

Enjoy my blog, dating ideas and my personal journey.