Date Survival Kit

Be Prepared for Any Date!

It’s the only minutes before date night and your nerves start to build within. Panic and dismay overcome your emotions and you begin to question if you have everything ready. In your head, you hear the Emergency Alert System ring warning you that there is a date coming and reminding you to check your supplies.20140726_135515
Well, I have eliminated that anxiety and concern! A few years ago, I designated a Rubbermaid container to be my  Date Survival Kit. Yep. It hides in my closet in the corner unlabeled and full of my quick fix items to make a date night fun. The concept started when I had to run around my house to find everything that I needed. By the time I found everything, I was exhausted and still questioning if I had everything I wanted to set the mood.

How to Make a Date Survival Kit!

  1. A Rubbermaid Box- one that best fits your space and items, not the clear ones
  2. Candles
  3. Lighter
  4. Mirrors
  5. Massage Lotion
  6. Massage Spiky Balls
  7. Use your creativity to fill in the rest

Every box will be different so build your kit as you imagine.

The most important part of the DSK is that everything is in one place!