Candles, please…

url When trying to create the romantic mood, go straight to candles. This one item can add a magical glow that is hard to resist. Candles can be fun and a fire hazard, so I have some basic guidelines.

First, watch out where you put the candles. Candles can start fires so place them in safe locations in the house. A date ruined by a fire drill doesn’t equate to a hot date. I would also suggest one scented candle and the rest unscented tea lights or wide candles. In addition to selecting a size, scents help set the mood. This can be an interesting topic because everyone is attracted to different aromas so double check with your partner on scents that appeals to them. As you plan for candles, try to imagine where they would go or guesstimate the amount you may need to light the space.

If you haven’t shopped for candles before, I would hit A.C. Moore or Michaels and look in the wedding aisle. If you are a coupon junkie, check the ads or online for discounts, too. When you get there, grab a bag of 50 tea lights and three or four wide candles. I don’t usually go for the tall ones, I am clumsy so their height makes me nervous. If you are frightened of fire, there are battery powered candles, too. Finally, check if you have a lighter. It is a complete bummer if you have all the candles in place and nothing to light the magic.

If you already in the wedding aisle, grab a few mirrors. This reflective item has been used since the early Pilgrim times and before that to create lighting in dark spaces. Pure genius! Using their simple technique, couples can make a room brighter by placing candles on or in front of the mirror. If you are working with what you have around the house, grab some tin foil and cut out mini mirrors or a rummage in the kitchen for a tin pan and use it as a reflective surface.

If you are scared of fire, try white Christmas lights and drape them around the room. Whatever you may choose, dimming the lights and adding mood lighting will bring new light into the relationship.

What do you do with all these items after you have used them? Well, instead of tossing them in random spots in your home. Start creating a Date Survival Kit sort of like a weather emergency kit. This box contains all the necessary items you need like candles, mirrors, lighters and other items. Make sure it is easily accessible and contains everything you need to wow your partner. Since I am still working on this concept…give me time to develop the kit, but at least we have a start.