About Me/ Us

 My name is Allison and I am happily dating my husband, Scott.

We met on a blind date and fell in love in the city of Bethlehem, PA at Celtic Fest in 2000.


Wedding Day

Now, almost 17 years later, we are still dating and finding cool things to do with each other. Imagine that!




Our Movie

We are not like most couples. That’s what makes us special. Things just happen. We are sort of like the couple in Along Came Polly, I am Polly, the carefree and forgetful and my husband is Reuben, meticulous and OCD. I even clogged his toilet on our first date and had to look for a plunger. My husband should have known from that night I was trouble.



DSC_0028 (2)


Over the years, things haven’t always been easy. Kids, college, money, personal struggles have impacted us, but we have always overcome the obstacles and supported our differences. Well, that is the short story version. Each phase hasn’t been easy, but somehow we come back to each other and admit we need each other’s love to be in this crazy world.


As couples around us have parted ways, we have



worked really hard to stick together. When times get tough, we fall back to things we love to do together like hiking outside, running, going to concerts, singing in the car, hanging with our kids, chilling with friends, playing with our crazy dog, Marshall, etc. Somehow those small things realign our feelings to where we can love, respect and reconnect with each other.


Through this blog, I hope to share with you 17 years of dating knowledge and expertise on how to fall in love with someone again and again from the simple daily fixes to the romantic dates that every couple dreams of.



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That’s Marshall

For several years, I have pondered starting a business based on providing personalized dates sort like an event planner for couples. So after a conversation with a dear friend, I am kicking off this blog with a mission to advocate fun, innovative and thoughtful dates for all couples, ages and relationships.


I am a wife, mom, teacher, and leader of a crazy house. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching, practicing yoga and planning fun, creative events either for my kids, friends or hubby. Oh yes, every day I fall in love with my husband.

I am not a love expert, but I have learned some things along

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The Crew

the way.


Most important/ Basic Rule: Take time to enjoy each other (put the cell phone down). If not, the opposite occurs. People become distant, uninterested and just two individuals living under one roof with phones in hand. This situation can only cause discomfort and a deep feeling of loneliness. I have experienced both sides of the pendulum and have learned that a couple must stay connected to be healthy and happy, so that is why I am creating this blog to help you find love, give you a boost, or reignite lost passion.




No, my advice may not fit you, your relationship or situation, but if you have found this site you are at least thinking of love, possibilities, and ways to enhance your relationship. That is a great first step!


After 15 years of marriage, I believe it takes two to make it work, but it needs one to start the movement toward a better relationship. Oh yes, maybe some help from me!

Enjoy the Site.