Why is it called Happily Dated? Well, simply because Happily Married created a narrow focus and I found the title was cute, easy to say and included everyone.

Who should read this site? Anyone looking for love! This site is here for you and promotes positive ways to connect with a partner. I also try to keep it PG, budget-friendly and witty. I love sharing my silly life stories, advice and quick date ideas for you to bookmark for another time.

Can I help single people even though I am married?  Yes.

First, I was single once and second I have been dating for 17 years. I may be married, but technically I am dating everyday.

Why spend hours typing about DATING? I feel a need to write about dating. Right now, more than ever we, singles, couples, new relationships, old married couples, need to YELL to the world, “DATING, DATING, DATING” in the streets without being embarrassed or sad. And if you are proudly dating, we need you to share in the excitement, pleasure and importance of dating with friends and family.

Dating right now is something people hid or a proudly post. It just seems to vary. As I talk to people in relationships, I am sad to hear crickets when I say “date”. For some, the art of DATING seems to be lost among the chaos of life’s demands and is never spoken of like Voldemort. Sadly, I have seen the word “date” bring uneasy feelings, weird money discussions, and excuses. This results in a dateless relationship and poor emotional connections and…nope not going there! Others are out creating memories and having fun together. I am here for both. If you are in a static relationship, then browse for ideas. If you are happily committed, you may need some new tricks to impress your partner.

I hope my posts will help someone connect, be a better partner and invest in dating. As I sit for hours at my computer editing my poor grammar and trying to make a post that will reach the virtual world, I say a mini prayer when I click publish for daters to make a date, say I love you and invest in love.

Why should you follow? Click follow because I will be your date therapist. Every week I will write suggestions, advice and a personal story. My posts will make you thinking about flirting with romance and add sparkle to your dating life.