Healthy Apps

Apps we used to help us live healthier and date happier!

My Fitness Pal –

UBMe – UBMe is a networking, social app that connects people in an area. After logging into the app, UBMe customizes the app to you and provides you with fun things to do suggestions like classes, dining, and events. UBMe is a newer app to the Lehigh Valley is trying to develop new connections through entertaining group hunts like one at Musikfest.  You can adjust the settings to have notifications or not and you can add your interested events right into your calendar which is super fantastic awesome. I love that feature. UBMe is defiantly an app to watch as it hits the Lehigh Valley and beyond as an app to meet people, book activities and be in the know of what’s happening!

Anytime Fitness App  – This exclusive app is part of an Anytime Fitness membership!

Event Brite – Depending on the gym, you may find Event Brite to be their source for registering for classes. Event Brite starts you with a login and a profile, then you can search up what you are interested in. The app customizes its searches to you then recommends events, classes and other things that you would be interested in. Event Brite will also give you ideas for the weekend! I enjoy the ‘save’ factor. While using the app, you can tap on a ribbon in the corner which will save the event to a ‘favorites’ so next time you log on you can see the event. Since I put in fitness, my app shows me all the local fitness events happening in my area and man there is a lot and I have no excuse to be out of shape in the Lehigh Valley. Download Event Brite for free and see where this app will take you.

Fork over Knives App –

Map My Fitness

Mind Body Online – This app puts you right into the flow of fitness through presenting fitness classes in your local, allowing you to book quick and easy, tracking your fitness while in class and showing you how the class is rated by others. This app is used my certain gyms to schedule classes so you may need to download this app to access a specific gym’s schedule or to book classes. I love the bright colors and the organization of the app. The easy select and booking options make registering for classes super fast and super convenient for everyone. In addition to registering for classes, I love that the app syncs to your Fit Bit so you know how much the class is challenging you. That is a cool add on.