14 days @ Anytime Fitness

Since we are advocating being fit while dating we are super excited to partner with img_2944Anytime Fitness in Emmaus, PA to improve our own fitness. We hope we inspire you to check out Anytime Fitness or at least


interest you to try a gym in your area.

My husband and I will work out for 14 days at this gym and tell you all about the classes, instructors, equipment and everything in between. Like did you know that Anytime Fitness…not yet? You must wait to read.

I can’t wait for Tuesday to arrive!img_3203

Day 1: Tuesday, August 8

This was an early morning workout. The 7:30 AM workout was run by Joe. The workout was a 10s workout. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 sec, then the workout decreased by 10. The class was small img_3197and organized by the instructor and notes on a large dry erase board.

Met with Steve and received personal training tips in nutrition and fitness. img_3200

Day 2: Wednesday, August 9

Small group workout at 7:30, ran on the treadmills, tested the Anytime Fitness App, logged into the treadmill program.


Day 3: Thursday, August 10

Day 4: Friday, August 11

Day 5: Saturday, August 12

Day 6: Sunday, August 13

Day 7: Monday, August 14

Day 8: Tuesday, August 15

Day 9: Wednesday, August 16

Day 10: Thursday, August 17

Day 11: Friday, August 18

Day 12: Saturday, August 19

Day 13: Sunday, August 20

Day 14: Monday, August 21