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3 choices that have changed my life

Recently, I have been super busy with life. Juggling this and that. Trying to keep up with what is going ain’t easy.

Nope. Life will pull you in many directions and at the end of the day you are just trying to stay sane or at least seem to be…

One thing that I have started to incorpate in my life to maintain some of my sanity is going to bed at a regular time like 10 PM. In the past, I will admit I would stay up to all hours then pop out of bed and go.

Well, not any more. Maybe I am getting older or just that I need more sleep run my busy life. I am not really sure but my body is demanding sleep so I am listening and that extra sleep is helping me function better during the day. I guess science is right! Humans need sleep.

Yes, it is fun to stay up late and catch up on the latest Nexflix show but is it really worth it in the morning. I say not. If you don’t believe me, check out this list of sleep benefits.

Another thing I have been testing out: Me Time.

Now, someone may run to the spa. I just take a walk. I leave my phone behind and walk my dog for awhile. The walk is my simple escape away. With every step, I let the world go. You may have an activity that does the same like yoga, running, or just sitting on your porch and reading.

It doesn’t really matter what it is. Nope.  Just as long as you are able to shut the world out and give your brain and break. Brain Break! If you care..

One more thing that has recently changed my life! This one maybe be a challenge for many but every night I have been placing my phone downstairs and not leaving it by my bed.

Yep, I am trying to detach myself from the phone at night. This decision has several benefits and I will agree with all of them. Since placing my phone downstairs, I have felt  more relaxed and not so tense before I rest my head.

Now downstairs, maybe a stretch for you so place it in the hall or in a bathroom. I don’t know your living space but I do know that placing the phone out away at night has helped me relax before bed and probably if you test it out you will find similar results.  Only if you are interested, read more.

I can hear you. How does this relate to dating?

Well, simple. If you add more sleep, take time out for you and put your phone away there are amazing benefits not only to help you but your relationship. Think about it.

If you are sleeping more. You are more awake, happy, and focused and ready to be there for your partner.

If you give yourself some time, you have a clearer mind to focus on your partner.

Lastly, if you put the phone away at night you will see your partner and maybe just maybe start a conversation instead of staring at the phone scanning through the updates, feeds and whatever else and say, “Hi, how was your day? What do you want to do this weekend?”

Yep. Simple inexpensive tips to take with you and try.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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