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Trapped in Ross

Today I attempted to exit Ross.

I stood arms full of goodies at the exit vestibule trapped.

I positioned myself at the glass exit area and tried to leave but I couldn’t. The doors wouldn’t open.

I stood and I waited.

I stood and I waited some more and stared out to the parking lot.


Then like most people, I waved my arms around.

The automatic doors did not open.

Ugh. Really?

So I tried one more idea.

I took three steps back then walked forward again.


That’s when I casually looked back at the check out counter thinking, “Should I say something?” But why would I do that. So I stood and waited for something magical to happen.

Nothing happened.

As I stood there in front of the glass exit, I couldn’t understand what was wrong with the door.

I mean really???

The power was on. I should be able to just walk through.

But no, not today. Not right now!

I quickly glanced at my phone. Time: 11:30 AM.


So I stepped back again and waved my arms a little more again.

And nothing.


What was I doing wrong?

Then two gentleman approached the store. I watched them closely. I analyzed their every move.

They walked slightly to my left and I heard the doors open and the men entered. Yes, the doors opened and the men amazingly walked in.

I was dumbfounded. I believe my jaw dropped.

So I quickly looked at the glass in front of me and realized my stupidity.

My utter cluelessness.

It finally dawn on me why my door wasn’t opening.

IT WASN’T A DOOR AT ALL but a glass panel.


So I stepped to the left and positioned myself to where the men entered and the doors opened for me, too.

Miracle at Ross.


So today or this week, don’t stay trapped but step left, walk out the door, and change your life.

Sorry for not sharing for awhile but I have been a little busy. -A


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