Do you wanna…

I wanna.

Do you wanna?

In school, we are told there are never stupid questions unless it is one you don’t ask. This rule goes for dating, too.

Raise your hand.
Ask the question.
Date your answer.

There is no harm in asking, “Hey, do you wanna try this new date spot?”


Actually that is the best question to ask right now and everyday!

Now you are like I am scared.

I getcha. Just like in school, questions may pull some uncomfortable feelings. But like in school if you never ask then you will never know the answer so ask.

Ask again!

Do you want to go here?
Do you want to go there?
Do you want to try it?
Do you want to do this or that?

Seems simple.

It should be!

Asking should come easily but like in school we have fears, worries and hesitation to ask. So we don’t!

But I know for most. You are like this is stupid. You are like they are going to say no. Or you like I have heard the no again and again and again.

Okay, you have heard it before. Again not just once but like a ton. You already know the No is coming and you will be rejected. Then you will be disappointed, crushed and never ask again because well what is the point.

The point is you wanna to go out. You wanna to do something different. You wanna date new. You wanna something. And that thing (date) means something to you. And you are important. You deserve it. You wanna date again.

So ask: Do you wanna?

Today, tomorrow, tonight, early in the morning, before work, in a text…

Don’t just throw it out there but be your best lawyer self and give an convincing statement to why your wanna!

Hey anyone can say, I wanna do this … and anyone can ignore!

Some will stare at their phone, watch tv and grunt and be like whatever but if you make it like a major wish list item then it’s hard to be like whatever and throw your wanna away. Don’t allow them to toss it out!

Come on! If it is I wanna… that you really want then make it a I wanna that they can’t ignore.

Place it somewhere they can see, text it, send reminders, be like “did you hear”, send Instagram photos, be the I wanna! Make the I wanna…loud and clear!

Yes, this I wanna… is yours but truly you wanna with two so make this wanna be a ‘We wanna’…awesome, can’t missed it, and must date for two!

I wanna for you to flirt with dating as if your love can’t survive without your I wanna. 🙂

I wanna this for u!

I guess I am asking, “Do you wanna?”


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