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One of 7.5 billion people

As we venture through this world, there are moments that we feel alone even though we are surrounded by people. I mean this world has about 7.5 billion people on it.

7.5 billion people!

You are one of 7.5 billion.

That is pretty cool.

Out of 7.5 billion people, you are here and part of that AWESOME number.



YOU hold the WORLD!

Okay to make it even sound cooler… the number varies ever so slightly. So the number could be about 7.524,150,788.

If you want, you can watch the counter go up and down. That is pretty cool.

That is a ton of people! Right? Most definitely.

Now you may think within that number that you will never find someone and you are just here on this planet to be ALONE.

Well, I don’t think so. Nope. Not at all.

Because within that huge, ginormous number there is someone for you.

There is. Within that number, someone is waiting to meet you just as much as you are willing to meet them.

But where are they? You asked me.pexels-photo-450512

Well, they are probably right in front of you. Sort of like in the movies.

That someone is someone that you talk with every day or probably pass but you don’t see them.

They are there. You are in the mix of the 7.5 billion but like you, they are waiting.

My bet is you probably haven’t recognized them yet for whatever reason. Maybe you are on your phone, swiping, updating your profile, working or just not even truly seeing beyond you.

But that one person is there. They are actually in your reach but you are blind or too distracted to see them or looking for something else. Some thing out there. Some thing beyond you.

My advice is sounding something like some fairy tale but it isn’t.

No. This is real. I am real and I am saying there are 7.5 billion people and there is one for you. And in this is life, you are here and I totally believe that there is someone special for you.

Yes, within the 7.5 billion people there is someone waiting just for you.

pexels-photo-541522Side note: 44% of Americans are single! That means a lot of people are looking just like you.

Now you may say I have done the online thing, nothing. Or I have gone out and dated and I never received a text back. yeah yeah yeah…

I know how frustrating.

Like frustrating enough to give up and say: the hell with this.


But DON’T! Don’t turn away. DON’T say whatever because that takes you out of the game.

Instead, say:  I am going to date. I am going to try this. I am going to date.

It is funny as I read the BADASS book I hear her saying: be positive, repeat affirmations and do it your way. hmmm….so I gave you so positive ideas, a bunch of affirmations to try and the option to do it your way! Love that! 


First, leave the house.

Second, rank dating as a priority.

Third, make a dating fit you.


Whatever works for you. Do that.


I love farmers market dates! Super relaxed and tons to talk about. I avoid the bar scene. You make it work.


But where are these people?


 Look closer.

They are there.

Also, get out there and get involved.

There are so much to do.

Check out these ideas: sport teams, volunteer organizations, activity groups & networking socials.

BTW, people are doing them so join in the fun!

Make sure what you select is something you enjoy, want to try, or have interest.

Not some random concept that you have no reference unless you are truly interested in starting a new venture. I respect that but beware of what club you join.  Some clubs are super serious and also welcoming and others are like elitists and are all 10 years into their thing and are way advanced. It really depends on the group.

I highly recommend emailing or calling the group prior to get a good feel for the group.

Also, the leader may be able to give you a general idea of the members, activities, meetings, and commitments.

But remember there is no harm in contacting and investigating.

  1. Meetup.com. – This is an online community of people. This site holds a ton of different groups that meet about all different things. You name it. Meetup has it.
  2. Volunteer Groups – There are international and local groups in every area doing great work. I love Habitat for Humanity but there are so many others. Check out your local volunteer network and help out your community.
  3. Professional Networking Groups – There maybe a happy hour group that meets during the week. These can be a little awkward but practice breaking the ice and meeting new people.
  4. Social Clubs – If it is bowling, basketball, pottery, photography, fishing…There is a club for you. It may not be listed on Meetup but type your interest and search other sites to find people like you.
  5. UBMe – This is a new app that I am testing. It has been about a week and the app

    The App I am testing: UBMe!

    has shared upcoming events, people in my local area with similar interests, and it suggests fun activities to meet people. Like last week, UBMe hosted a Musikfest Scavenger Hunt.

I know there are others ways to find people like attending church, trivia nights, weddings, vacations, reunions, sporting events but those are my top 5 right now to try.

And don’t forget you are one of 7.5 billion people and there is someone out there for you.

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