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Get out THERE

Yes, leave your apartment, house, parent’s basement, garage, cubby under the staircase and date in the real world.

Stop hiding behind profiles.

Stop saying next week.

Can’t because of this and that. 

NO! Don’t. Stop. Avoid. 

Replace your actions with GETTING out THERE and Date out.



Go find your date!

Dating at bars, Dating at bowling alleys. Dating at roller rinks. Dating at Paint nights, Dating. Dating somewhere new. Dating in the park. Dating on rope park. 


For your dating life to find happiness and success, you MUST get out THERE!

You must date outside. Like in the real world. In a world stuffed with people, activities, events, sports, dining, adventures, so much more.

I know leaving the house can be scary or meeting up with someone new can be nerve racking but I highly RECOMMEND pushing through all the fears and dating out in the world.




The world is willing to host your next date. The world is ready for your sexy, your horrible jokes, funky winks, flirty strut, your laughter, stupid pick up lines, and your love.


It truly is.

You just have to go.


Go out.

Go date.

Go find your love.

Dating is fun and time to connect with a new love or a love that has been there for years.

Again, I am not talking just to single people but all relationships because it is so easy to put on Netflix and stay in and say whatever and I am tired or flip through profiles and never message one. Forget that routine. Throw it away.


Market shopping.

Instead, try to avoid the PJs right after work! That is never a turn on anyway.

That is never a turn on anyway.

Instead, have a date and dress to impress and head out.

REMEMBER: I always advise putting the PHONE away on all dates!  New and old ones. Cell phones kill DATES

Whatever you do, get out there and date!

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