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My Date @ Fest

I arrived at Fest around 2 PM to jump in on the UBMe photo search at the BrewWorks and the Lehigh Valley with Love Photo Scavenger Hunt.

img_3089Now both hunts had me activated and ready to Fest.

I started my Festing on Main St..

I only walked a few steps toward the hotel when I was stopped abruptly by a crowd in the middle of the street.

Since I am short, I had to get a little closer to the action to see what was going on.

Then after pushing to the front, I spotted a man in rainbow socks on a unicycle about to jump over a small boy. What is going on?

I had to stay.

The man on this small unicycle jumped a small boy then processed to talk about his next act.

After an elongated dramatic delay, he rode a giant unicycle (above photo). Impressive!

If you look close, there is a unicorn head on the front of the unicycle and also one on his helmet. Who knew Unicorns were in?

This act is by Jamey Mossengren or The Unicycling Unicorn.

After seeing this mind blowing act, I had to move on to find more.

Here are photos from my Saturday trip.

1. Musikfest MUGS.

2. Music is EVERYWHERE. 


3. Coffee stop @ The Joint.

2017 Lehigh Valley Style Winner for Best Coffee!!!


4. Free stuff is ready for you.


This bag was handed to me! Coffee from the Joint.

5. Bathrooms are ready when you are.

I found them everywhere! And they were clean.


6. Random Stuff to Do.

Connect 4 & Jenga Supersized.


7. Crafty!


8. Remember to Buy Tickets.


9. Hold Hands while at Fest.


This couple was super sweet to pose for this photo!

10. Don’t forget to Pick Up Merch.

A keepsake is always a nice touch!


11. Date this Scavenger Hunt by Lehigh Valley with Love.


12. Bring CASH!!!!!

But if you run out or forget, PNC is here for you!


13. Water $1.


On Main St.

14. History is Alive!

Check out history exhibits like 1810 Goundie House & The Blacksmith Shop.

15. Kid ZONE!


16. Cool Vendors like this one by the Blacksmith!


17. More MUSIC!


18. You are never lost here.

Maps are posted throughout the Fest. 


19. Food Galore.


20. Fun!


Musikfest is a great place to date and fall in love! There is so much to do, hear, drink and eat….and so much more….

I promise that this festival is a dateable and has something for everyone to enjoy.

I mean I even saw Forrest Gump!

From music to art to great food, you really can’t go wrong with a date at Musikfest.

Here are my suggestions to make MUSIKFEST an AMAZING date.

I would totally recommend bringing cash, parking when you see a spot or take a shuttle, img_3087-2and taking a moment to enjoy the music. Oh did I mention there are cool collectible mugs that you fill with beer!


As the week goes on, I will add to this, but for now, date Fest and have fun!

For more information on Musikfest, check out their site!  or download their app.

If you like flirting with dating,

follow Happily Dated via this blog, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.






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