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Date Me @ Musikfest

On August 4, Bethlehem, PA hosts Musikfest. Typically this city is known as the Christmas City but in the summer the city puts on a huge music festival for all to enjoy. This festival has been around for years like 1984 and every year the festival captures music lovers everywhere!

Here are just a few tips from a local to help you ace a Musikfest Date! 

First, research the festival either through the website, app, or the free brochure.


Get the App!

Take time to figure out when events, performances, and exhibits are located and times. Also, check out what side of Bethlehem what you are interested is occurring, too. This festival isn’t located in the historic section anymore. No, the event is spread out through the city so double check where you are going, parking, and directions.  Here’s the map and schedule. You can grab a brochure at the Visitor Centers in Bethlehem. Historic. Southside.





Second, give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park, and walk to the location. Depending on the event and what you are interested in, you may no trouble getting to where you need to be but other time you could be walking for miles, struggling to find a spot and do to planning running late. I would give 15 minutes to 30 minutes before anything starts. Sounds like a lot of time but it’s not and if you have some down time enjoy it. There is a ton to see and do that extra time will fly by and you won’t have to worry that you are running late. There are also shuttles running during the Fest, too. If you plan to drink while at the Fest, request an Uber or Lyft to take you to and from. Please be a smart daters and request a ride if needed!


Third, grab a mug. The Musikfest mug is a collectible and if you are interested in drinking while at the fest it is a deal. You can find the mugs now for sale so you can be extra prepared!

Fourth, look for FREE! Free allows hopes keep the date at a reasonable price and at


Find your genre.

Musikfest there are performances, activities, and places to visit for free. That free gives you extra spending for other things like food, tickets, beer, etc.


Fifth, take into account what your partner likes to listen to. I know you may like rock music but your partner loves country. Try to make this date blend two genres. Seriously, there are 500 free performance and several tickets performances so there has to be something at the festival for your date. If you are not sure if they would like a performance, take a moment to listen to the band online. Most bands today have a site that showcases their work so type the artist and see if their music would be something that your partner would be interested in. I mean so just walk the fest and enjoy everything and others have a plan. It just depends but if you have a reluctant date then you may need to put some extra effort out there to make them happy. Genres. I looked up Marie Danielle who will be playing on August 7 and here is her site.

Sixth, bring cash. Cash can be used for a lot of things at Fest and it is super


Taste the food.

embarrassing when you wait and you begin to order and the vendor says, “Sorry, we only expect cash.” Don’t do that. Take some money out before you arrive. Even if you never spend it, you had it with you. I also recommend the Mobile Now app for parking. Cash is an essential item if you are going to make your date easy without that glitch. I believe there are ATM but who wants to pay for those fees so please take the cash out and date without money worries.


Seven, wear appropriate shoes. This is a festival and you are going to walk. If you are cool with heels, make sure they can travel distances and your feet won’t hurt half way through your date. Also, some areas can be dusty so just think before you select your footwear. You would hate to be limping do to your shoes.



Keep connected with your date.

Eight, if Musikfest is your first date, try to read your date’s interest. I believe first dates should only be about 3 hours! If you go over that’s cool but you must check in and make sure they are enjoying your company and having a good time instead of they don’t know how to say goodbye. First dates are festivals like Musikfest are super awesome. There is so much to see and do which it makes dating easy, comfortable, and fun. I guess my biggest advice on a Musikfest 1st date is always monitor how the connection between you and your date.


Nine, your attitude is very essential your Musikfest experience. If you are like


Capture Musikfest!

Musikfest again, well your date is dead. If you are like, i am so excited to see this band, grab some food and see the exhibits then you will rock it. Your attitude even during the date is important. Try to remember to keep your cool, stay positive and work with the date. Your ability to be flexible, go with the flow and read your date will make the date a success.


Ten, date at Musikfest and have fun. The Fest comes once a year and people love it. They enjoy the music, food, events, specials, hanging out, the beer or just people watching. I love the Fest, too. I enjoy walking to different locations and hearing different music just steps away. It’s like a musical Epcot. Literally, you walk to a new area and bang new music. Even if you don’t enjoy the music, it is there waiting for you to hear and enjoy.



Don’t stop in for the Fest, there are local businesses open ready to help you shop.       

On this date, take the opportunity to hold hands, snuggle together, share food, take photos, walk around without a plan, chat about the music, not world issues and enjoy the Fest.


If you are visiting Musikfest longer than a day, there is so much to see and do in the Lehigh Valley. I would recommend hitting a few key sites about the area like the Lehigh Valley Style and Discover LV for ideas. This area is filled with fun, dining, entertainment, and things to do so don’t just date the Fest but explore our wonderful cities, wineries, breweries, and family friendly hot spots like Dorney Park, Da Vinci Science Center, and Crayola Factory.

If you still have questions and need date ideas, I will be posting on Facebook and other


A great shop. The Attic

social media feeds ideas for you to take on your date.


Remember, Musikfest has not only music but history activities, art exhibits, entertainment, comedy, dance, a 5K run, and so much more.

Personally, I am not a planner so I just go the Fest and enjoy whatever is going on but as a date, I would definitely set a location, time and have something in mind before you drive to the fest.

Happy Festing, Everyone.


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