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Day 1: Emmaus Run Inn’s Group Run

In 31 Days, I will show you 31 maybe more ways to get in shape in the Lehigh Valley.

This challenge started after a post about fitness and its amazing effects on not only people’s dating life but life in general. The post.

Now I am challenging not only myself but my husband to workout every day this month then to share out with you everything about the experience. Follow the whole thing on this page.


Starting Point

August 1

 Emmaus Run Inn’s Tuesday Night Group Run

Day 1: Emmaus Run Inn’s Tuesday Group Run.
The run starts at 6 PM at the Run Inn and goes to about 7:30 PM. This run is free and open to anyone interested. The run welcomes all abilities and participates can run at their preferred pace.
Tonight, we cruised through Emmaus passing the movie theatre, Rodale Park, and

Emmaus Movie Theatre

Emmaus Community Park then returned back to the Run Inn. It took about an hour or so.
In the end, I ran about 4 something miles in an hour which was just right!
I never felt rushed and I completed the run at my own comfort level.
I also enjoyed that runners were there at the finish to greet me and congratulate me on the run.
Inside the store, I was offered a cup of water and more praise for coming out and running in the heat. I appreciated!

So if you are just starting out, need a group to run with or looking for Tuesday night run, make a date with the Emmaus Run Inn’s run group and fit fitness into your date life!


Up the Hill



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