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Be Brave

When I think about the word brave, I imagine touching a big spider, superheroes, soldiers, community activists, public speaking and writing a letter stating an opinion.


Recently, I have pondered the word, brave in my daily life.board-939244_1920

What does it mean? How do I define it? Am I brave?  I have really tried to take in this word and placed in a more real life setting.

A setting that is grounded in reality.

I guess it started at a recent concert where I admired a singer and his band who played in front of thousands of people. As I sat in the summer heat, my mind spoke to me. It said, “That is brave.” Umm…interesting. Then I spaced out as usual and forgot about being at the concert and instead how to define being brave.


In that brief moment, I created a new definition and tried to relate tasks or things that I had done that would be classified as being brave. I listed a few.

When I was satisfied with my thoughts, I let in the music and the crowd come back and I returned to reality and looked at the band and said, “Wow. They are brave and so am I.”

In a quick definition: Brave – doing something courageous.

spiderNow, what’s that?

Well, it really all depends based on each individual person.

But as a dating consultant, I am referring to being brave as in holding someone hands, giving a kiss in public, trying something new, and/ or saying I love you. In my definition, brave doesn’t have to be a huge thing but small things too. It really just has to be something that requires courage. An inner strength that allows you to touch that big hairy spider.

Now as daters we can relate to being brave. It takes a lot to date. A lot of brave! More than a lot. Like super hero bravery!

From the moment you are looking at dating, engaged in dating or trying to date, you need to be ultra brave. Yes, superhero BRAVE!

Brave to be you.

Brave to be out.

Brave to try new things like weird food or a new activity.

like weird food or a new activity.

Brave to share your feelings.

Brave to love.

Brave to date.

Brave. Brave. Brave. 

Wow. That is a lot of brave.

But it is the brave that gets us to the next level. The next date. The next activity. The new whatever that is ahead of us. It is the BRAVE!

I am not sure what your obstacles presently are or what they are going to be but I know you will need a little bit of brave to push you through each and everyone.

So as you travel through your day think of BRAVE and touch the scary spider, reach for a goal, push to new heights and think beyond the box to experience your BRAVE and then say, “Wow. I am brave, too.”

Be Brave TODAY!




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