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Fresh is Best

So super quick.

Do you remember when you picked something up new and wore it out?

You had this amazing feeling. You know the feeling that super feeling.pexels-photo-331990

The feeling that the dress, a piece of jewelry, the click-clack of the shoes, the comfort of a nice jacket, maybe even the compliments from others made you stand out above the rest.

That one piece or the whole outfit made you feel AMAZING. Like a rock star. You stood taller, you walked with a new style, and you knew it. Probably everyone else did, too.

Like a super rock star. You stood taller, you walked with a new style, and you knew it. Probably everyone else did, too.

You probably with not even knowing it stood taller, walked with a new style, and you turned some people's eyes. Yes, it happens all the time and it usually with a fresh new look.

When dating, pick up something new to alter your state of mind.

Weird but totally true. 

I have discovered over time that even purchasing a new necklace directs my head to look


up and showcase the piece because why not. That simple investment could give you a face lift. Yes, not by a surgeon but by you. Strangely when you place a fancy necklace on your neck, you lift your head up because you are not going to hide your jewelry but instead display it.


I could go into fashion. What to wear but we are all so different so that would take forever but I would suggest for you next date to select a new piece to add to your outfit.

Personally, I love local boutiques like My Sister's Closet and The Attic in Bethlehem but I know there are others that I haven't discovered yet and a men's shop in Allentown that I have to test.

How do I shop?

To be brutally honest and open with you, I feel overwhelmed even stepping into a clothing store. Fashion has always been a struggle. I hate fitting rooms, mirrors, and the pressure to walk out with a piece I feel comfortable wearing. I always need to look for suggestions from the mannequins or staff. Most of the time, I ask for help. I have an IFP, an individual fashion program.



So when I shop I always need to look for suggestions from the mannequins or staff. Most of the time, I ask for help. I have an IFP, an individual fashion program.


I don't know when I was labeled with an IFP but looking back and to the present, I am just not interested, I have high anxiety when in a fashion store and need assistance.

Also truthfully, I have other things to worry about and fashion tends to be the last thing on my list.

Usually, when I shop, I run into a store and run out with my new look.

Hey don't get me wrong I love to look good and feel awesome but after everything else that is part of my day fashion tends to be low on the priority list.

Due to my whatever fashion, I will openly admit that my closet can become the same after while because I have a comfort in black, bright dresses, and black, shiny shoes unless I mix it up with something new which usually is a suggestion from someone else then I have a little diversity in my wardrobe.

If you have read all of that and agree, we would probably be best fashion friends.

Hey, bestie.

But with this blog, I am changing my ways and trying to be more adventurous, fashionable, and out there so I have tried some new shops to add freshness to my closet.

I know you are leaning.

First, I love Stitch Fix. The box with everything in it. I have a post about this company


already but I have to say they are super awesome with fashion, pricing, quality, and ideas. I really dislike going into a fitting room and changing so this company makes it super easy for me to try on new fashion in the comfort of my home and decide what will stay and what will be shipped back. In the box, I have seen all sort of cute jewelry, dresses, tops, best-fit jeans and so much more. You really can't go wrong with Stitch Fix. And did you know that they have men's fashion? Yes!




I also love giving back while shopping so I discovered My Sister's Closet in Bethlehem. Oh, there is a store in Easton but I haven't visited that one yet. In my local store, the ladies are super friendly, there is a ton of fashion choices for all sizes, accessories galore, and even skin care products.  But that is not the best part of this shop for me. Nope. The best part of shopping at My Sister's Closet is their mission to help women who have


been trafficked find a new life. Yes. And every purchase helps make that happen. So when I wear my floral dress around town I know that my dress helped another. Totally fantastic.


Now, I am not going to leave you with just that. Last night, I shopped at The Attic in historic Bethlehem and found the cutest blue dress, pink shoes, a pearl necklace, and a pink purse for under $25.



Yep. Shopping was fun, successful, and I bought a new dress. I am telling you shopping is not my thing but when I leave with a new style I know that the shop has magic somewhere in it.


I hit this store on a Saturday night and the place was packed with shoppers. The staff was engaged in everything that was happening even little me in the fitting room trying so desperately to find something to fit.   I tried one, then another and I felt like Goldilocks


until I tried on this flapper style blue dress and bingo sold. When I exited the fitting room, I asked for some assistance with shoes and accessories and the staff was on it. In a quick moment, I had everything to make the dress pop.  Love that. Did I mention the place was packed and they found time to help me? Yes, The Attic gave me a new look in less than 20 minutes which in my standards is perfectly fantastic.


Now if you don't have My Sister's Closet or The Attic, look around your town for a second-hand store. I hate that name. Maybe more like I don't know. Rediscovered Fashion. Not totally sure but hunt out a local store to find new fashion.

If you are a quiet shopper, Stitch Fix may be a solution for you, too. or shopping with a friend.

I sometimes shop with my friends but rarely. I am a lone wolf when I shop. 

Whatever you do, try to wear something new on a date. Promise that one piece will make you shine!

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