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31 Day Fitness Challenge

Yes, I am going to challenge myself to a 31 Day Fitness Challenge during the month of August.

Now I could just say I am going to move for the next 31 days.


Challenge me!


But that seems too easy.

I guess I could walk every day or take a jog or get on my bike and ride but no that is not my plan.

No, no, no.

That seems boring so instead, I am going to try a new workout every day during the month of August.

That’s more like it.

I am going to commit to trying something new every single day.


Challenge #xpnphotohunt


Now you may say, “What is she thinking?”, “She can’t do that.” “How?” “Why?”

Well, that is what the XPN crew said last night about completing their #xpnphotohunt in four hours.

And I did that!

Not only did I complete it. I crushed it with a final photo of a green boat made of a green french fry holder, straw, and napkin.


Green Boat


Yes, I completed a task that was supposed to be done in three-days in four hours.

The ladies at the booth were in shocked when I returned with the green boat photo. I was totally impressed, too, but I never really felt like I wasn’t going to complete the challenge.

No way. I was in it to win it.



2016 Spartan Sprint

Actually, the XPN staff out right admitted that they didn’t think I could do it and side note: No one else completed the photo hunt that day.


Just me.

Well, XPN doesn’t know me. Nope. I have this strength and pure determination that drives me to commit and find success. This inner energy has pulled me through some crazy things in life and has always been there to take on major challenges like a photo hunt so I know I could do it I just had to find the things in the dark. To me, this task was just another Spartan obstacle to overcome and I wasn’t going to let it get in my way.


My photos. The last is being shipped to me.


Also, I really love my readers and I have a passion for not only recommending things to date but experiencing them as well.

I mean really how am I going to recommend a date idea for you when I don’t do it myself.

That’s pure insanity.

So last week, I wrote about the value of fitness and how being fit can change not only your life but your dating life as well so on August 1st I will date fitness for an entire month.

I have sought out a ton of different workouts for everyone to try.

My list is huge and doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Also, the ability level goes from low to extreme. And by the way, most of these I have never heard of at all.

What drum fitness?  I would like to try that. Yes, that is a class and I am going to try it.



10K in Chicago

Not only I will complete the 31-day Fitness Challenge, I will work my way through it and show you how to have no fear in getting out to a gym, finding a workout for you, and turning you on to fitness.


Promise you that.

So starting August 1, I will start the 31-day Fitness Challenge in the Lehigh Valley. I am super excited and ready.

Now the best part of this for you is you can sit back at home and take in all the information. And maybe just maybe start to move, set a goal and challenge yourself to a ? Day Challenge while you date!

BTW, You can follow me on this journey via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this blog.

I hope to inspire you to move, try something new & discover fitness can be fun!

I already have a few places selected, but if you have one that you are like that’s a perfect one to test, please let me know. I will include it in the challenge.

The countdown begins.





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