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Boost Your Dating Through Fitness

Every day we must commit to moving. Even just a little.

In my personal opinion, I truly believe exercising makes you a better dater.

Simply because exercise makes you feel amazing! When you exercise, you change your physical, emotional and mental all at the same time. BINGO!

Also, your clothes fit better, you have more energy to do all most anything, it burns off stress, it is cheap therapy, you feel like you can take on the world, and it changes your life for the better.


Nashville Rope Course


When you include fitness in your daily life, your dating life will improve! 

Drop the mic.  Walk away.

I know there are all different types of people and we all have different interests, ability levels, time, experiences, goals, and finances. That’s all cool. I get it.

Fitness may not be your thing. I get it that too. It is work, time, energy, another thing on the list. But don’t let all of other life’s things take the most vital thing off your to do list.

No way. Don’t let your life, block you from moving or give you excuses why you are not moving. That’s not cool. Because you must and you can and you will change your life when you put your health as #1, not #20.

In my one week search, I have found a ton of ways to get moving for free or at a small cost.  I usually try for free but nothing is free so I will say that my suggestions try to be reasonable.

I would greatly recommend for anyone getting back into fitness to purchase the right shoes and clothing. Investing in your equipment. It will save you from injuries and other related issues. If you have a shop in your area, that fits shoes. GO THERE. They will definitely know how to fit your feet into the best show possible. In the LV, Aardvark Sports Shop and the Emmaus Run Inn would be my two running stores to hit!



Hiking is usually free and fun!

I am not just talking to single people but I am talking to EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for 30 years, newlyweds, or dating, we must move to take care of ourselves and more importantly stay healthy.


It doesn’t matter if you have been married for 30 years, newlyweds, or dating, we must move to take care of ourselves and more importantly stay healthy.

So don’t ignore me but read my words.

In my random search, I have located light walking to extreme rope courses. If you live in my area, I have added links to help you find what you need!;) If you are totally not here me, you will find something near you. It is there. You just have to look.

If you are totally not here me, you will find something near you. It is there. You just have to look.

When you find that special workout, do it again and again and again and again until fitness is your lifestyle. If you have to try a few new options until one fits, do that. Whatever you decide to do, commit to

Hey, you may have to try a few new options until one fits, totally alright with that.

Whatever you decide to do, commit to MOVING EVERY DAY!

If you are willing to start moving, you can do this by yourself, with your partner, or with friends. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is you are MOVING! I mean it is nice to include your partner but it is not totally necessary. Just watch that your new commitment doesn’t drive a stake between you. BIG CAUTION. I will elaborate in another post.  That’s not a today thing.

Good Luck and enjoy my list!

50 Fitness Ideas

  1. Walking
  2. Biking
  3. Running
  4. Hiking
  5. Yoga
  6. Weight lifting
  7. Train for a 5K
  8. Barre Class
  9. Spin Class
  10. Volleyball
  11. Rollerblading
  12. Roller Skating
  13. Ice Skating
  14. Paddle Boat
  15. Kayaking
  16. Dancing
  17. Rowing a boat
  18. Karate
  19. Kick boxing
  20. Fit Bit Challenge
  21. Swimming
  22. Basketball
  23. Horseback Riding
  24. Bowling
  25. Belly dancing
  26. Pilates
  27. Aerobics
  28. Zumba
  29. TRX
  30. Cross Fit
  31. Personal trainer
  32. Circuit training
  33. Frisbee Golf
  34. Cyclocross
  35. Cycling
  36. Snowshoeing
  37. Skiing
  38. Snowboarding
  39. Cross-country skiing
  40. Rope Course
  41. Tennis
  42. Soccer
  43. Football
  44. Exercise Class
  45. Water Aerobics
  46. Trampoline Workout
  47. Balance Ball Workout
  48. Rock climbing
  49. Parkour
  50. Skateboarding

Okay, that is a pretty general list.

You probably know or heard of many of them through friends, family or others. I know.

My list isn’t original to a point. Yeah, yeah. Tons of sites list fitness things but it is original to this site. A site that is asking you to focus on your fitness level to increase your dateable.

Oh yes, I promised Lehigh Valley ideas. I will give you 10.

  1. Lehigh Valley Road Runners – This group has all level runners, a variety of group runs, supportive programming for beginners and events throughout the year.
  2. Emmaus Yoga – I found this place last summer and fell in love with the vibe,

    Emmaus Yoga

    classes, and instructors. If you are just starting out, this studio will welcome you and help you feel comfortable practicing yoga.

  3. Steel Fitness – This gym is in Southside Bethlehem and has everything you need from machines, treadmills, classes and even an outdoor training area. I love that parking is easy, the locker rooms are roomy and clean and the staff is super friendly and willing to help if needed.
  4. Rodale Aquatic Center – My friend reintroduced me to this pool in the spring and I tried their underwater bike classes. Oh my goodness, I had so much fun. I think the best part of the workout was the instructor. His energy level is over the top and truly motivating.  Rodale doesn’t only offer biking classes but all sort of water based classes. You must page through the other options to see which one fits your fitness style.
  5. Get Your Tail on the Trail – This suggestion is more like a program than an actual workout or place. Tail on the Trail is a fitness program for people sign up and work toward a goal. You can do this solo. You need to walk, ride, whatever a distance and track your miles. As you track your miles, you will earn prizes. You can also participate in events which are held at different times and locations.
  6. Planet Fitness – In Allentown, Planet Fitness welcomes everyone to workout. The membership per month is $10. Perfect. The gym has treadmills, bikes, weights, machines, locker rooms,  classes, a quick workout section and so much more. Personally, I am always fascinated by the huge ceiling fans. Not sure why? But they amazing me.
  7. CrossFit – I am going to reference the one in Emmaus but I know there are Cross Fit Gyms everywhere. Crossfit workouts include high-intensity exercises like rowing, lifting, box jumping, running, tire flipping, agility training, and a mix of other things.  I love the challenge and the high standards to work out to your best in a short amount of time. If you are competitive and a goal setter, Cross Fit is a great gym for you!
  8. Walking Parks – The Lehigh Valley has parks everywhere. Allentown has Cedar

    Downtown Bethlehem Walking Path

    Beach and Fish Hatchery Park, Bethlehem has the Greenway and Easton has D & L. Actually the D & L runs through the LV. If you can’t find it, here is a map.

  9. Lehigh Valley Sport and Social – I just meet this group at Queen City BBQ and I really enjoyed my time with the members. LVSS hosts different sport groups like bowling, volleyball, corn toss, soccer, dodgeball, kickball, softball, and basketball. I am probably leaving something out but those are the ones that I know of. You will have to try one.
  10. Zumba – I love this class. Dance may not be your style but you have to give this class a try. This class is offered in Emmaus Community Park at 9 AM every Saturday. If you are the dancer, you found a spot to move and groove. If you are the resist one, this team will get you feeling the music and following the dance moves. I can’t say enough about Teresita and her husband’s fun, spunky, and inspiring instruction.

Now this list is not complete. The Lehigh Valley is full of gyms, fitness classes, studios, and places to work out. I know I just covered 10.

Maybe in another post, I will include more but the above are ones that I have tried and feel comfortable sharing out to you.

Again, my message is for you to commit to MOVING. Move a little more every day.

You can do it! You are meant to do it! You will change your life just by MOVING!


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