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Testing Love Apps This Week!

I will admit. I am not much of an app girl. I try to fit in with everyone else but apps just


are ‘whatever’ to me unless they have a strong purpose in my life. I love my Pandora, Spotify (did you know that Happily Dated has playlists), Mobile Now, and the regulars, too.

But the play ones are just eh.

For example:

Several people have suggested games like Words, Trivia Crack, Clans something but I just don’t seem to catch onto the trends.

But since everyone else is using apps, I have selected a few to review.  I am going to download them today and experience how each one assists couples in building stronger connections.

Then in a few days review them for you.

Personally, I am interested in TimeTree, Couple, Between because communication is key.

Since I am a horrible shopper, GO ROMEO may become my personal shopper!

Honest. I need all the help I can get when it comes to shopping for a big day. I so lack at that sometimes. This app will also remind me of important dates. Cool.

I once sent a birthday gift to someone in the wrong month. Oops.

I have selected about 10 so we will see how each one changes how I date.

Talk to you in a few days about what I think.





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