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Pedaling to New

Tuesday is story time so here is a fresh story for you.

Yesterday I took a bike ride with my son around town. We biked up and around and down. Pretty simple ride. Two objectives: Try not to fall off the bike or get killed. High standards.

We rode for about a half hour then as we came to the community park where I spotted pexels-photo-287398this red van that read: Gym Guyz.

Two people were standing outside the van both in workout clothes. The whole setup intrigued me so I had to stop.

I made a left and bumped down the grassy knoll to where these people were standing.

I introduced myself and stated, “This is such a cool van. What are you guys doing?”

The man told me all about his business and how he personally trains people at any location. Technically, he is a mobile gym. A what? A gym that comes to you. As he explained his business, I looked into his van to see gym equipment stored inside.

Pretty cool, right? Totally. Here is the LV link. I met Joe. Seems like a cool dude.

This company is all over so don’t despair. You may find one close to you.

The whole concept got me thinking.

A mobile gym????

If I was a cartoon character, a thought bubble would have floated above my head.

city-people-bubble-soap.jpgINSIDE THE BUBBLE: How would that relate to dating?

It pretty much is on a loop in my head. I see something and go:


So kind. I know, right?

Well, a lightbulb went off and I had to ask for a card and as I pedaled away I still was in a thought mode: A gym that comes right to you. That has so much potential.

This isn’t the first random meetup of this week.

I sat next to Mobile Detailing at The Cup and they told me about their business. Ready?!   This business travel to people’s cars to detail them. Another awesome idea. Lightbulb.

What if you have the grossiest car ever and you want to take someone out and you can’t because of the mess?

Bingo call or schedule an appt to have your car detailed.  Love it!

I mean why not. If we can get dinner shipped to us like

If we can get dinner shipped to us like Blue Apron, why not have a gym guy or a detailer detail come to you and help you with your date life. You really can’t say no to that. Well, you can but I am saying don’t.

You really can’t say no to that. Well, you can but I am saying don’t.

I am also promoting everyone to network! Talk to people and find out what they are doing to make their date life AMAZING.

I am not asking you to ask what app are they are swiping but what are they doing to be a great person to date.

Maybe they are involved in a charity. Maybe they are part of cool organization. Maybe they have this super fantastic hobby.

Okay maybe you have no life at all and you are sitting inside wondering what everyone else is doing. I get it. Work kills you, you are like what’s the point, I will never meet someone.

Well, stop right now and get out and see and do fun things.




Because I totally know fun is out there and people are out doing things.

Whatever your situation, ask questions, go out, and find people. Not just find them, but talk to them. Get to know them. Put the device away and say hi to another.  (WEIRD VIDEO but IT may inspire YOU)

Get out there and see the world. It is waiting for you and ready to get to know you.

It is not waiting but wanting you.

Crazy to say but I also met Lehigh Valley Hashers last week and Lehigh Valley Sports and Social group. Both groups are very active and doing super, cool & awesome things.

If you don’t know what to do with your life, try those two things out.

By the way, there are many more out there but those are two that I bumped into while out in my area.

If you are still lost, you may want to log into a social media feed (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and read some announcements. Resturants, entertainment, events are always posting on feeds. You may get a lightbulb moment, too. It will happen. Just wait.

Or like me, ride your bike and say hi.





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