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I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Don’t drive under the influence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This phrase has been used over and over and over again and I still hear people driving while under the influence. The reports make me super sad and confused and MAD! Speaking of MAD, preview

I could list the stats but I am not going there. You know them. We have all been reminded since probably high school or even earlier. My message isn’t anything new but a reminder to think before driving.

Now I live a suburban town and taxis were rare and hard to come by but my town has changed with the introduction of two life-saving companies, UBER and LYFT. Yes, life-saving!

Today my town and others are so fortunate that these companies are offering alternative driving options for everyone to use while out. These life-saving companies in my eyes have introduced not only the ability to get around via a tap but an option for daters to get a safe ride home from wherever they are. AMAZING!

Since I promote planning before going out, I would check in with either yourself or your date on who is driving home. If you are going out with a partner then have a DD but if this is a new date and you will need to make some very important decisions.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you planning to drink?
  2. What type of a drinker are you?
  3. How are you getting to and from the location (s)?
    1.  If it is a better to get a ride to and from the date, do that. Lyft and UBER are out there. They are ready to help all of us be safe!

Plan before you go out. (By the way, this is a perfect time to sign up for either or both services. Registration is free! Serious, downloading one or both of these life-saving apps to your phone will change your life and everyone else’s.)

Hey, you may never use them but they are there ready to assist you when needed.

Please, oh please,  establish your account (s) before the DATE!

Serious. Start right now! It is super easy and you just need an email, phone number, and a payment option. Easy, right?

Oh yes, don’t get stuck in the what do I do or you are downloading at the bar and waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting and the spinner at the top is slowly moving and all you want to do is go home!!

No, don’t do that. Start the process now as you read this post.

You probably are like whatever but seriously, everyone in the world will thank you over and over and over and over again for being a responsible!

Actually, they and I will thank you for being an AWESOME PERSON! 

And anyway, the cost for an UBER or LYFT is so much cheaper than a ticket, lawyers, and everything else that comes with that stuff! Promise.



  1. Download their app to your phone. You can also log in on the computer but really you should register through the app.
  2. You will need to sign in with email, phone number, and type in a verification code. That is why I recommend doing this all before you go out. Depending on your night, these steps could seem impossible to comprehend!
  3. In the app, enter in payment options.  You can either enter in a card or select a PayPal account.
  4. On the main screen, there is a map. When on that screen, you will see where you are and where the closest Lyft is located and the time it will take for them to arrive. You can also preview what type of car and how many seats.
  5. When you select “Set Pickup”, a car will be on its way. You can even watch it traveling toward you.  Beep. Beep.
  6. You will get in and go safely to your destination.

Now I could go into more details about the whole process but I want to focus on the setup and you can do the rest. LYFT’s site provides info on payments, ratings, and tips. Read more there.

My BIGGEST advice is to stay safe and hire a ride either before, during, or after a date and not to risk driving at all.


  1. Download their app to your phone. You can also log in on the computer but really pexels-photo-1.jpgyou should register through the app.
  2. The app is similar to LYFT but there are some differences.
  3. UBER has a scroll up section with options to read. I would read them now instead of later. You may pick up some tips on rates, tipping, and sharing the app. In a noisy bar, you will not take the time to read beforehand so take the time now.
  4. When using this app, you will fill in a location to receive the rate for the drive. On this screen, you will see what vehicles are available, time of arrival and their distance from you. Like LYFT, you will see them travel toward you. You can do this.
  5. Before the date, fill in your home address then your home will always be there for you.
  6. Also, enter in your payment information.

I can’t repeat this enough but take the time now to fill in all this information. You will not want to do this at all when out on a date. No way! You will thank me later!

This is where I stop and you log in.

With both these services, do some research!

I found cool ways to split the bill, how to share a discount code, promotions, etc. Sounds like lunch break or bathroom reading.


If you know you are using the service, work the cost into your date. Before you go out, you can enter the location and preview the travel time and cost. Also, don’t worry about the cost. Yes, it is an add on but think of UBER or LYFT as an investment. An investment that keeps you and everyone around you safe.  I can’t stress that enough.

PLEASE take the time to register, research and even test a few times before you truly need it.

Double PLEASE: USE an UBER or LYFT! They are literally a tap away to a safe ride.

FINALLY: Drink Responsibly While Dating. 

If you are a one beer then you are buzzed, take that into account when on a date and stick with one beer. If you are one glass, stop at one glass. If you are feeling good, slow down. Remember to eat and drink. I could go on. You need to know you and your drinking abilities.

Here is a resource if needed.

But whatever you do,


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