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Backyard Sleepover

This date idea comes from a new experience!

Recently, a friend gave us a tent and my son said, “Mom, can we put it up and sleep in it. Like in the backyard.” I am pretty easy-going so I agreed.

The night was so much fun. We set the tent up and found flashlights, blankets, books and promised not to be on our devices.

Now I know this was a kid’s suggestion but this date idea would be so much fun for a couple.

If you have a tent, it costs nothing for you to escape for a little in your backyard. If you don’t, run to Wal Mart and pick one up. They range in from like $100 to super duper expensive but if you are not a camper then go with the most reasonable for tenting in a backyard.

Backyard Sleepover

  1. Decorate the tent with pillows, blankets and comfy things to relax on. Sleeping bags are okay, but I would create more a bed setup for this tent nightBackyard tent
  2. Bring in snacks, dinner, drinks to enjoy
  3. Haul in board games or cards to entertain
  4. If you like to read, a book!
  5. Gaze at the Stars
  6. Snuggle!!!
  7. Listen to music
  8. Talk to each other
  9. Watch a movie on a device
  10. Enjoy the peace and quiet of being outdoors

Let your dating creativity run with this one.

Now you may not have a home that you can just pitch a tent outside but maybe an hour drive outside your area you can locate a campsite that you can do this date at official site. Tent sites range in price but this date will not cost you a hotel rate.

I would also suggest thinking about decorating. You can go simple or complex but adding the small details will wow your partner.

Glamp It

  1. Christmas white lights
  2. Flowers
  3. Loose petals
  4. Fancy pillows
  5. Blowup Mattress for comfort
  6. Music with speakers
  7. Tiki lights outside the tent
  8. Fancy dishware
  9. Some small furniture like a wooden crate to eat off of
  10. Outdoor games – Love this.
  11. Cold drinks ready to serve
  12. Dessert from a local bakery

Camping in the backyard doesn’t have to be rough. No way. You want to make this Outdoor Sleepover feel like “Glamping” from things around your home, thrift shop finds, or discount stores. I never like to spend to much so I search for deals. If you are going to go for the glamping style plan a few days ahead to gather everything you need!

If you are the planner of this date, remember breakfast. Wake up early and bring breakfast to the tent. The day before bring home some yummy goodies to share. While you cook breakfast, start a coffee brewing. Your prepareness will make your partner smile!

Check out glamping for more ideas on how to create an outdoor retreat to impress your love using this Cool link, search on your own, or use your creative style. You know your partner the best.

If this isn’t your style, browse Glamping Hub for quick bookings of glamping places to stay.

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