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“You Should Have Fun.”

At the Emmaus Farmers Market, I asked a young kid, “What should a couple do on a date?”

She said, “You should have fun.”

Then I said, “Where should couples go?”

She said, “Dorney Park. That’s a fun place and there are rides and cotton candy. I love cotton candy. Do you like cotton candy?’

I said, “Not really…I don’t like to get sticky.”

She said, “That’s the fun part.”

I said, “Yeah, but…”

She said, “Do you like rides?”

I said, “Well,…not really.”


She said, “I like roller coasters.”

I said, “That’s cool.”

She said, “You must go.”

I said, “I will go because you said so.”


She said, “You should. You will have the best date ever.”

I said, “I will put it on my list of to do’s.”

She said, “Go. It’s fun.”

She skipped to this spot bent her knees and announced, “Let me show you how high I can jump.”

As I watched her jump, my mind spoke to me in a soft voice, “I must go and try the candy cane, ride the rides and date Dorney Park because that little girl said so and it sounds fun!”




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