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Being Healthy is Essential when Dating

Dating is not just going out on dates and socializing but more a lifestyle commitment. You must commit to dating like committing to preparing for interviews. Yes, you must prep, research, and be your best when you are going out on a date even if it is with the same person for 60 years like my neighbors. You matter. And putting you first will make all the difference in your dating experiences and life for that matter.

If you are new to dating or have been in a marriage for years, your daily choices create how you feel at the end of the day which in turn affects your dating life. Hmmm…interesting right. What you do during your day affects your love life?


After watching a Marie Forleo video on depression with Kelly Brogan, I had to reflect on


Race in Chicago

the bigger dating picture then I made this lightbulb connection that when people are valuing health they are happier. HMMM… So what if people focus on being healthier and as a result their dating life will turn around. Uh…no duh.


Kelly notes eating healthier, exercising, and sleeping are key components to battling depression but also those simple choices can develop a healthier life. Now when most people hear eating healthier or exercising they RUN away, freeze up, or ignore the topic of conversation.

I get it! Those words can have scary meanings and imply that something must change. And as humans we hate (too strong) dislike change but sometimes you have to change to get a different result. And there is a saying if you do the same thing over and over again that is called insanity which never leads anywhere. So choose new, choose change, choose a new you.

Well, even though those words create anxiety, I believe in them deeply. I value those words. I have this weird concept that what you put in your body or mind affects how you function. This concept encompasses a lot of things but food is a major one. I think that is why I love shopping at farmers markets because the food is local, organic, and in it’s purest form. The form that is true to the food’s origin.

It just makes sense to me. When I washed my carrots from Godshall Farm, dirt ran onto my plate. Some may be like gross but I smiled with excitement knowing that those carrots came from the ground. And that dirt shows me it’s fresh and from a farm not treated and processed. SMILE!



Blue Apron

But you don’t have to eat what I eat, no way you can find healthy food in the grocery store and you can make minor changes like not purchasing soda and instead only having water. Maybe skip the chips and pick up apples that have the same crisp crunchy feel. If you dislike shopping and like to be guided through cooking, try Blue Apron. I totally love their stuff and they give you everything you need to make an amazing meal for two! Remember: Minor changes can have huge results!


I will also throw in exercise into the mix. Most doctors say about 30 minutes a day.  I already hear the groans but it is so true that moving is important to your emotional and physical health. Simply stated. Drop the mic.

Whatever it is that you like to do that is super cool. Do it. If you haven’t found it, look around. It is there.

I have heard the excuses. No time, I hate to sweat, no time, I am not running, too much money, when am I going to do this, I don’t know where to start. They go on and on and on and on and on. I have said them, too as I juggle a family, job, and life.

Funny thing is when I make the time and when I move like run or just even take my dog for a walk in my neighborhood I feel rejuvenated, more at peace, and filled with new energy. So whatever all that research says something is changing inside me to feel all those cool things. Right? Most definitely. The physical helps the mental!

Now for daters who are getting out in the field, please continue to swipe or scan the


South Mountain Preserve Emmaus, PA

screen daily but try to schedule in a walk, a fitness class, or even try to climb the stairs on your lunch break. Whenever you have time, move just a little more than the day before. If you have time, join a group gym class. I have seen some at the local parks like ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and basketball leagues. You may even find someone there instead of on the screen. After a few days of committing to you, I promise you will quickly find that eating and moving will reflect positively in your dating and personal life.


Hey, I haven’t forgotten the couples who have been together for a little bit or a while, try my suggestions either as a couple or just solo.  You may have a partner who is an ultra marathon runner and you love the couch but you would love to try a 5K then test out a couch to 5K app. You may just feel ugh and need a pick me up during your day then take it upon yourself and move. When my son had a baseball practice, I would take a walk instead of sitting in the car and waiting.

Now altering a couples’ diet can be difficult because partners get in a routine of what they like to eat for meals so start slow with one new dinner a night then advance to two meals or add in a snack. Shock diets can work with some but not all so I suggest slowly integrating the new diet. Don’t go all in then your partner dislike you for your new commitment. Ease into this.

I will admit kids can make this challenging because they like the basics like Mac & Cheese and Hot Dogs and Chicken Nuggets but again try to be creative and get them on board or in many cases you make two meals which is a pain but then everyone is happy and not complaining.



Farm to Table. YUM!

Healthy living is vital. We chose to live as we wish but when you chose health over other things amazing results appear. Promise. Cross my heart. That your new choices will brings forth happiness and a new you.


Roll your eyes. Walk away. Get it! Butt….

After you have read this, you can’t ignore my words. My words and advice have entered your mind and will sit there for a little bit. You will have to ponder your habits. You will have to at least think about making new choices. Choices you may not want to make but have to because you know it is the right thing to do.

I will try to make it easier. Below, I have listed some great sites for healthy meals and places that offer free or discounted exercise classes. If you love to read, I love Wegmans and Barnes and Noble for awesome magazines. Also ask your health nut friend who loves to brag about their green kale smoothie. Maybe not jump right into that smoothie but ask about other ways they incorporate fruits and veggies in their diets.

Also, take some time to think about your schedule and how you can loop in 30 minutes a day of exercise even if it is a simple walk in the neighbor. If you are a social person, ask a friend to join you. If money is an issue then search out free things that promote movement. I have included some Lehigh Valley free exercise events to check out. Your exercise has to represent you and your life so I can’t just say do this or that you must develop a routine and value it.

It isn’t an option. You must do it. Okay to some of you, it’s the worst thing ever but it’s the thing that will change your life.

Here is a great food resource: EatingWell, GreatestRodale Wellness,



TRX class

If you need extra support or you like people, check out Weight Watchers, LV Health Network monthly programs, and local gyms.


Where to go: I love Allentown’s Park System, Wildland Trails, the trail around the Promenade Shops, D&L trail. If you are lost in where to go, here is an AMAZING list by Lehigh Valley Realtors of parks to visit. Greater Lehigh Valley Parks and Recreation.

Free or discounted classes in the Lehigh Valley: Emmaus Zumba on Saturday at 9AM, Planet Fitness has great $10 monthly rates, Capital Blue has $5 classes offered throughout the week, Rodale Aquatic Center has drop in rates, LV Road Runners has several programs to motivate beginner runners like First Strides and group runs through the week, too. Allentown has a Million Clicks program right now to promote walking in their parks. Get Your Tail on the Trail is another motivating program to check out. You get PRIZES!

I guess this is where I leave you go and I say good luck.

Oh yes, I will be reviewing some of the free classes this week on Instagram so follow me there if interested.



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