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Schedule in a Date

Recently, I spoke to a friend about an upcoming event and she immediately checked her calendar. She said, “Oh, there is something on the calendar.” I said, “What?” She said, “Kids Brush their Teeth.” What?

I had to laugh a little because she had that in her calendar: Kids Brush Teeth. Her notation to that specific event made me think about entering in reminders to spend time


Start Your Morning Together!

with each other. It seems silly but time flies during the day and couples forget to spend quality time with partners and it is the most recommended advice for couples!


Typically, people jump right into the daily routine and miss out on the together time even if it just sitting at the table to have morning coffee.

So if you are one that says should’ve, could’ve, would’ve dated this week then maybe you, too, need to start entering reminders to spend time dating. Type it in and mark the day and time.

Don’t let your daily demands take away from your relationship. No way.

Instead, put your relationship in your schedule.

Plan it. Do it. Love it.



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