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Yesterday I found this really cool Ted video by Shonda Rhimes about her new choice to say YES. It was so on point that I had to share on my Facebook Page but I would like to talk about the power of saying YES (in certain situations). YES gives you the freedom to do something, agree to something, or to be present in whatever is going on at that moment. Awesome. YES allows you to explore something new and have fun. YES says, “I am here.”

Now YES can be dangerous but for now, I am going with the fun of YES. One of my favorite movies is Yes Man with Jim Carrey and I guess another fav is Walter Mitty and I can add Chocolat. All movies that people say, “YES.” And that YES frees them from their norms. As I look at society right now, we are saying YES more than ever which is great but we must continue to be mindful that saying YES to some things is not saying NO to other things like your partner. When the NO creeps in, I advise saying YES.

I also witness YES scattering us in areas that we needed to say more NO to. So, I am asking. No pleading. For you and everyone to say YES in this exact moment to our relationships. YES to love. YES to commitment. YES to dating. YES to being there of each other. YES to passion. YES to communication. YES to new. YES to building memories. YES, YES, YES.

Shonda tells her YES story. Her story starts with her rise to success and her imbalanced family life until her one daughter kids asked to play. For a moment in her busy work schedule, Shonda stopped, played, and changed her life. She notes in her talk that saying YES is important and her YES placed her family over her work altering her way of living. You can watch the video for the full story but her message was simple. She said YES and her life forever changed for the better.

Now, what if we said YES to our partner more.

I ask how would that change our relationships.

  • If we said YES to a new date idea, how would that feel?
  • If we said YES to holding hands, how would that show our love?
  • If we said YES to saying I love you more, how would that sound?
  • If we said YES to listening deeper, how would that reflect?

I could go on but you know what I mean. The YES brings forth the willingness to try, experiment, and be present for each other. The moment you say or think YES you change things. For example, I said YES to tickets. Those tickets led to a great night out. A night out I don’t typically do. A night that will be a forever memory.

If you are in a situation where you say YES and the other says NO, you may have some work cut out for you. But over time, your partner will see the power of YES and the pure happiness it brings. You may have to do some convincing and nudging but over time the YES will infect them and they will say YES, too. I truly believe this. Watch Chocolat. The movie is a great example of YES and how a YES can change a community.

Now I can go on and on and on about the influences of saying YES.  And you probably would stop reading so instead watch Shonda’s Talk, the movie clips, and start saying YES to your relationship.


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