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How to Turn it Around?

Yes, that is a Zebra’s backside. It seemed to fit this post because I am going to write about ignoring each other and how to turn it around.

Today more than every we are pulled in many directions and struggle to be together.   It is fact. We can’t deny it.

Recently, I have noticed that couples are looking in so many directions that they forget to see their partners and their relationships as part of their life. Kids, jobs, hobbies, friends, etc invade their relationships creating space and leading to partners ignoring each other.


I say turn around and face your partner!


Face the Relationship.                   Photo by: Emmit

How to turn it around?

Simple. Think of a moment in slow motion. Then ask yourself 5 questions.

  1. What would you add in a moment?

  2. How would you show your love more?

  3. Can you do something to make them know you care?

  4. How can you listen deeper?

  5. How can you help the other?

Try these techniques and find a deeper connection with your partner!




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