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Summer Dates for FREE


Don’t block your dating opportunities with the fear of big budget dates. It’s not needed. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive to be AMAZING. No, it’s more the thought and the experience. Remember you make the date not your wallet.

In my two hour search on several different websites, I found some free events for you to enjoy this weekend.

This weekend, I located a free concert at Steel Stacks on Friday at 6 PM, Emmaus Farmers Market on Sunday from 10 AM -2 PM and the Saucon Valley Farmers Market on Sunday from 9 AM -1 PM. Also, the Allentown Art Museum is open on Sundays from 1-4 PM for free! If you hit the museum, stay in Allentown and check out the AMAZING eateries and the Art Walk.

There are totally more but through my quick search that is what I found.

Today build a 2017 Summer Free Date Calendar with events you and your partner are excited to visit.

If you want to continue my search, I would start on Discover Lehigh Valley. Then scroll Lehigh Valley Live.

From those sites, I collected date ideas ranging from live music, wine tours, food truck hot spots, farmer markets, and special events.  ALL FOR FREE! These sites are “must bookmark” sites for later.

No more excuses.

Flirt with Dating Lehigh Valley.



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