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Pour Me a Date

Ah, beer. Beer. I think that is a Homer Simpson quote. Yes, I think so. Beeeeeeeer.

In my town of Emmaus, PA, we have two breweries. Funk and Yergeys. There are also many surrounding us like Weyerbacher, BrewWorks, and Two Rivers (PA BREWERIES). Since I love my town, I recommend Emmaus as a place to grab a beer on a date and add a IMG_0140movie.

Both breweries have their own flare so I don’t want to compare because they are both amazing. I will also raise my glass to the food trucks that visit.  I am not much of drinker but I love good food! And food trucks are so much fun because you never know what you are going to get and I love ordering out of a window.

I would totally recommend these two breweries as perfect date spots because of the combo of beer and food trucks, fun atmospheres, and friendly staff.  Oh yes if you time your date right, you can always hit the late night movie at the Emmaus Theatre.

The Emmaus Theatre is a landmark in my town and famous for the train going right by the building.  Check their website for current showings. Most Saturdays the theater hosts BYOB nights. PERFECT DATE OPPORTUNITY! I swear it couldn’t be easier for anyone going on a date in town to follow the alley from the breweries to the movies. No lie.  How the town is set up, you can walk from Funk and Yergeys to the theater with a beer in hand.  Love that. No driving required. Even better.

Yes, beer tasting is fun but my favorite date is a brewery tour and a tasting. From my


Food!!! Yum!!!

experience, most tours are about 1 hour and at the end, you can taste their brews. Around here, you may find a small tour but my personal fav is Yuengling’s tour in Pottsville, PA.


IMG_0936It rates #1 even after so many others from VT, DE, MD, etc. It is my favorite. I think I enjoy the tour because it is free and I love history aspect of the tour. This famous brewery is super duper old and filled with stories about the family owned company and beer. Of course, at the end of this hour-long tour, you are treated to taste two beers or root beer for the nondrinkers. Yum. I will warn that there isn’t much around there so we usually drive in and drive out. Sometimes we hit Port Clinton Hotel, which is a special foodie find.
Why beer? Beer dates are mild adventures where you can explore new brews, start conversations, and connect with your date. I always suggest ordering a flight to split. You can try and your partner can try.

10 Ways Capture Your Date

  1. Buy a glass
  2. Save the Coaster
  3. Keep the cap
  4. Take a growler home.
  5. Pick up a shirt 
  6. Grab a keychain
  7. Take a Photo
  8. Purchase a six pack for later
  9. Select a bumper sticker
  10. Hold onto the receipt

If food is present, share it. I find sharing food builds connections between two people and it is fun. Especially cheesy NACHOS!

Whatever you do, start talking about the experience, compare your likes and dislikes, and share out your love of beer. m

Today is Wednesday so begin your hunt

for open breweries to help plan your next date out.








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