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Take Me Out on a Date

Yeah, baseball is here!

A good game is always fun to watch even if you are not a sport’s fan like myself but I won’t let that ruin my date. No way. Baseball is more than watching the game. Totally. The park is a huge dating playground for couples.


Iron Pigs Allentown

You can get lost in the good grub, silly entertainment, or the random things to do. Never underestimate a baseball game date. I will admit again I am not much of a sports fan but a game on a beautiful night is a perfect retreat. If you are good, you can find firework night. Then your date will end with a Bang!

We live by the Iron Pigs in Allentown, PA  Reading Phillies in Reading, PA, and Trenton Thunder in Trenton, PA. Three awesome parks to see a game and cheer on a team but baseball is everywhere so search out a home game and buy your tickets. Oh, I didn’t forget the major leagues like the  Philadelphia Phillies or the Pittsburgh Pirates. In my area, I can road trip it to several major league stadiums but we typically stay local and enjoy a game that’s 20 to 30 minutes away. GO PIGS!

Even though the major have the bigger players, bigger stadiums, and bigger name eateries, I typically like minor league games for dates because the hometown atmosphere, the intimacy of the ballpark, and the crowds are less but if you like the hustle and bustle of the majors go for it. It’s just not my style.

Plan your date around your budget. Also check when the team is home, the driving distance away from you, and of course the weather. No one wants to sit baking on a 90-degree day. No. No. No. Make sure the day/ night is comfortable. And if fireworks are available. Bonus prize!

Each stadium has something different and their uniqueness makes them special. I recommend having fun and letting loose.  This date should be a casual, fun, an excellent opportunity to start conversations and be YOU.

If you are always a card carrying person, make sure you carry some cash because the ballpark sometimes has silly raffles, ball toss, mini golf, etc and the extras require cash. Before you head out, take out $40. It is always awkward to find an ATM on a date, complain about the fees, and your date witnesses the process. Don’t do it. Unless you are sneaky with a bathroom excuse but even then it is UGHHH! ALWAYS try to have cash on you during a date. It is convenient and accessible.

Don’t Know How? That’s cool.

Here are 21 ways to hit this date out of the park.

  1. Dress in the Team Wear
  2. Apply sunscreen to each other
  3. Bring extra cash for the extra stuff around the park
  4. Get a Photo with the Mascot


    Can’t make a game,                                       hit up the batting cages.

  5. Put your name in a raffle
  6. Try to catch a giveaway
  7. Capture the videographers eye and get on the big screen
  8. Try the famous foods of the park
  9. Buy a local beer
  10. Treat your date to something special
  11. Take a Selfie with the field behind you
  12. Walk the park holding hands
  13. Pucker up for the kiss cam
  14. Get up during the seventh inning
  15. Put your arm around your partner
  16. Share food (Always a good move)
  17. Watch the game (at least try to keep up with the score)
  18. Cheer the team
  19. Try for a foul ball
  20. Wait to get something signed
  21. Save the tickets for your memory box

How do you remember of all that? Load this site while on the date and check off the list all the fun things you have done.

If you are out of the area, check out for a game near you.

Remember you create the fun so knock this one out of the park.

Whatever game you choose,

find a free night to head out to the ball game.





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