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Monday and Tuesday Pizza Night

Ugh. I hate cooking. Actually, my kids tell people I stink, which is true. I do. So I am not a cook. I have one flaw. Okay maybe more but that’s why there are places that have deals during the week so people eat a non-burnt meal, overcooked, and whachamacallit meals.

A few weeks ago a friend told me about Penn Pizza on Cedar Crest Blvd.’s half price pizza deal on Mondays and Tuesdays. And now this place is my new date-able pizza parlor.

It is a perfect date to start the week on the cheap and with great food. Enough said. Yes, but there is more.

We love the outdoor dining, friendly staff, and specialty pizzas. Personally, my favorite is the vegetable but I have enjoyed the white pizza, too.

The best part is this date for two can end in an under $20 check. BRILLANT!

Almost forgot. It is BYOB! Grab your beverage at Wegmans, Weis, or the liquor store beforehand and sip your favorite drink while feasting on yummy pizza.

This week consider trying Penn Pizza’s Pizza Deal as your new date spot!

If you are an out of towner that’s cool, don’t be sad.

Find local deals in your area that offer specials and AMAZING cuisine. They are out there. Just search. Dates don’t have to be pricey to be a date so scroll Groupon, mailer ads, and the net to find a date for two under $20.



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