How to Ace a Summer Date?

1. Put the Phone Away– Phones make you look disconnected from the date. It will kill it everytime.

2. Summer Fashion- Think of your date as a casual interview. I know it is summer but dress for a date and make sure it matches the setting, activity, and beyond anything fits nicely. Yes summer let’s us relax a little but we must consider fashion when out on a date.

3. Engagement- We must listen. If this is challenging, please practice with coworkers or friends before booking a date. Have someone tell you a story and you take it in. Don’t interrupt, recall the story, and ask questions. Your practice will create a definite impact on your date.

4. Avoid Hot Topics- You know politics, religion, or intimate beliefs! If they come up, gently react and response with understanding and respect. Don’t stir the pot! Instead be open to their thoughts and listen.

5. Keep It Short and Sweet – It is best to have them want more instead of asking when the date will end. Book the first date at a coffee shop, festival, appetizer, mini golf, ice cream, go carting, bowling, bookshop, city walk, event, and live band at a bar. First dates should be no longer than an hour and a half to two hours. I hate movie dates so don’t do that! Find a place to eat and an activity. You want to stimulate conversation not shut it down. So think before you date about location, things around you and time.

Those are my top five. Try them and see if they work for you!


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