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Summer Fling

Summer is here and I declare that we need to enjoy the warm weather with our partner!

This may be challenging because summer is go go go go GOOOOO. But really? We need to book a date. Not just any date but a creative date.

Depending on where you live, you may find different dating options but around us, there are festivals aplenty, outdoor activities to explore, concerts and so much more. Summer is a perfect time to date and fall in love with each other.

Top Summer Dating Ideas (NO ORDER JUST RANDOM LIST)

  1. Picnic
  2. Zoo Visit
  3. Tour an Outdoor Art Exhibit
  4. Concert
  5. Wine Tour
  6. Hike
  7. Museum
  8. Test Drive a Car
  9. Horse Back Riding
  10. Beach Day
  11. Bike Ride
  12. Outdoor Dinner
  13. Clay Shooting
  14. Food Truck
  15. Beer Tour
  16. Festival
  17. Walk the City
  18. Coffee Date
  19. Camp
  20. Outdoor Free Concert
  21. Take a Car Ride for an hour and see where you land
  22. Fishing
  23. Swimming
  24. Paint Class
  25. Scuba lessons
  26. Outdoor yoga
  27. Book a Hotel in town or out
  28. Walk the boardwalk
  29. Rock climb
  30. Carnival
  31. Baseball game
  32. Mini Golf
  33. Taste Test Local Restaurants
  34. Star Gaze
  35. Visit a Farm
  36. Order in
  37. Community Movie Night
  38. Pottery Class
  39. Dance Club
  40. Volunteer
  41. Adventure Obstacle Course
  42. Drive in movies
  43. Dessert Date
  44. Find a Meetup
  45. Rollerskating
  46. Walk a Small Town
  47. Take Fido for a Walk
  48. River Rafting
  49. Run a 5K or more
  50. Paintball
  51. Meditation Class (namaste)
  52. Cooking Class
  53. Bake a treat together
  54. Try something new
  55. Couple massages
  56. Photo shoot (SMILE)
  57. Geo Caching
  58. Ice Cream Shop (YUM)
  59. Staying in: Design your own Pizza.
  60. Beer Swap (I buy my favorite, you buy yours and share

Okay, I am out of ideas for now but I will add some more later. Whatever you decide to do, plan it, date it and enjoy each other.



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