Always Dream

In life,  we sit in reality. A reality that can seem amazing or a grind but whatever your reality presently is you must continue to dream bigger, greater and without fear restraining your desires. 

I am a dreamer. Probably too much. I dream a lot. For myself and others. My dreams can be simple or super duper complex but they are ideas to make my world, this world a better place.

My dreams are a helium balloons.  They pull me to look up and reach higher. The string is tight and the ballloon guides me to the next place even sometimes to the unknown. Recently a dream has pulled me to start this blog, write a novel and complete a film script. I am unsure what this will go but I am floating on this dream of finding myself through my creativity. You can too! 

Start simple. Focus on You. Dream!

It is fun to dream and think beyond the horizon. To set goals that seem out of reach. There is not one way to do it but not doing is wrong and will leave you empty.

Enough about me. You read this for dating advice. 

#1 Spend time together to dream. 

  1. Write down separately your dreams. Write crazy things, simple things, even the biggest dream possible!!!
  2. Check in with each other with no judgement
  3. Discuss
  4. Try to be open to each other’s dreams
  5. Make a plan
  6. Try to rank them: quick to long term
  7. Dream together 

Remember dreams are personal. Respect each other’s ideas and be kind and support them every step of the way.  You can even create  like a vision board together. I can’t really dictate one way because we are so different but I can demand for you to start the discussion of dreaming.

As a couple, you must work as a team to see a brighter tomorrow not just for you but the two of you. This weekend take time to dream, listen, talk, plan and dream as one.


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