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A Volunteer Date

If you are tired of going to dinner and a movie, wine tour or out for drinks, search out local volunteer spots in your area and plan a volunteer date. This idea hit me after binge watching Kindness Diaries on Netflix and my personal love of helping others.

I believe the gift of giving is so pure and intoxicating that it drives people to be more, feel more, and do more. You really can’t go wrong with giving and showing your loved one that you care.

This week, explore the idea of volunteering together.


Promise. There is an opportunity for every interest. You just have to find it and sign up.

Now I am not suggesting your volunteering has to be organized, but more the idea of giving something like your talents, objects or time. Hey, maybe on a Saturday morning you can go through items to donate to a local Goodwill.

Everyone has different talents, time or interests so talk with your partner about the planning of the date.

If you just commit for one event, TERRIFIC! If you start a weekly trend, AWESOME! Just do it!

My local volunteer website:

Here are some ideas.

  1. Love animals- Walk a Pet
  2. Music to my Ears- Give your music to the community
  3. Cooking is your Thing- Soup Kitchens
  4. Can Build!- Habitat for Humanity
  5. You can read. -Adult literacy groups
  6. Gardening- Tend a community garden
  7. Love Wild Animals- Give your kindness to your local wildlife sanctuary
  8. Big Heart- Help families with hospice care
  9. Love to Create- Share your talent with others
  10. Shopaholic- Help collect items to ship overseas
  11. Sports- Find a local team and coach.
  12. Have a dog- Get your pet certified and visit the elderly
  13. Enjoy telling stories- Create a Saturday read aloud for kids
  14. Super Awesome Talent- Develop a workshop for others to enjoy
  15. Tech Geek- Give your skills to others through job training programs
  16. Parties- Help plan a kickin’ party for a Non- Profit
  17. I have Talent- Offer your talent for FREE!
  18. Runner- Be a pacer, plan runs, organize an event, promote kid fitness
  19. I can Write- Places need grant writers, elder need people to write letters to family
  20. Game Night- Host a fun night with friends to benefit your favorite organization.
  21. Design your own!

Volunteering may be a strange suggestion for a romantic date and you may have to jump through some hoops with paperwork or training, but it is totally worth it and you will fall in love with giving and the kindness your partner has within them!

Find some time today to hunt out a charity that you and your partner would love to support and call!





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