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Quiet Time Dates

We are always busy. Schedules are filled. Input from the world is everywhere.

We need to shut it off and slow down.

Plan a Quiet Time Date.

15 Quiet Time Ideas 

  1. Indie movie viewing- No action packed movie! Try something slow and peaceful to enjoy the story.
  2. Card Game Night- Dust off the deck and play.
  3. Scrabble Challenge- A good word puzzle is fun. Try to have a team approach.
  4. Color Time- Grab the latest fad coloring book and design together.
  5. Cook Together- play some music, not rock but something quiet and work to make a meal amazing.
  6. Read side by side – it has to be something you hold, you may want a coffee to sip
  7. Massages- Grab some lotions and enjoy.
  8. Take a walk- Hold hands, share about your day.
  9. Design a simple scrapbook – you can find one at Michaels, AC Moore or even CVS
  10. Make a breakfast for bed- Eggs, bacon, coffee, please.
  11. Don’t get out of bed until whenever
  12. Bike ride in the park- Super romantic
  13. Binge watch a TV series- We have all done it.
  14. Watch the TV screensaver and talk about places you would like to go
  15. Do nothing but snuggle and listen to music

When you tune out, you tune in.

Plan a date to enjoy the peace, quiet and the two of you.


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