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I will book that…

This weekend try to find anything new and exciting to experience together.

If you are in the snow:

  1. snowshoe
  2. learn to ski or snowboard
  3. snow tube
  4. cross country ski
  5. ice skating
  6. hike in the woods
  7. build a snowman
  8. snowmobile
  9. dog sled
  10. sledding

If you are in the sun:

  1. surf
  2. sandcastles
  3. hike in the woods
  4. zipline
  5. check out a national park
  6. swim
  7. wad in a river
  8. explore a cave
  9. treetop adventures
  10. winery tour
  11. segway ride

If you are in the rainy weather:

  1. watch a movie but not in the genre you like
  2. Escape Room experience (they are all over)
  3. check out a museum
  4. find a local theater production
  5. concert
  6. food tour
  7. book shop visit
  8. coffee shop
  9. couple spa treatments
  10. rent a hotel room for the pool

If you are stuck in the house:

  1. themed house date: Italian dinner, Italian Movie, Italian Music…
  2. cook together something unique
  3. order in and relax
  4. house spa treatments
  5. romance with candles and drinks
  6. play a two person board game
  7. be silly; pretend you are young again
  8. turn off all devices and just be
  9. watch a favorite movie and munch on snacks
  10. make chocolate treats. Yummm!


Honest, I don’t have all the ideas. Cool site with more: Live Your Adventure.

Also, Google Search your local calendar (Lehigh Valley Calendar) to see what is happening around you. You may find a sporting event or a performance that you would never think of and book tickets and enjoy the date. Whatever it is, go and do it with your partner.

By the way, booking the date is key!





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