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Oh, Snap! I Forgot.

You are almost out of work or heading home and the radio reminds you that it is the day of love! Crap. Face Palm.

Don’t panic instead take some deep breaths and be active in finding a small something on your way home or have a plan on how you are going to say I love you in a special way.

Hallmark or grocery stores are great places to hit last minute. You can always order in their favorite dinner or quickly purchase a gift card at the check out counter.

Even though time is running out, don’t run out of ideas. Think tank your Valentine’s Day and move on it. NOW!

I agree that it is a Hallmark holiday, but don’t be fooled by your love’s statements when they say, “the holiday doesn’t matter.” It always does even if it is in a small way. Your proactive Valentine’s mindset will prevent the embarrassing moment at the end of the night when your partner says, “You forgot about the holiday” and your partner being like ‘whatever, I didn’t really care about it’ when they truly are hurting inside.

My Advice: Be active This Valentine’s Day! Give a huge, say sweet words and maybe give a gift.


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