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Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday

This is messed up! The holiday lands on a weekday and my schedule doesn’t allow for that to happen. I am lucky if I use the bathroom by the end of the day. How am I going to squeeze in a date? Tuesday is a crazy day at my house so I am not expecting too much in the romance area but I will expect one thing. A card.

Cards are great places to start and you can build from there. Oh yes, Valentine’ Day doesn’t have to happen on that day or the weekends around the day, but when you what to celebrate it.But don’t   forget the card on Tuesday!

When you are coming up with ideas, start small! Then expand. At least having a card on V- day, you have something to present that says I love you.

When I talk small, grab roses, chocolates or their favorite beer. Maybe you can make a photo video to send during their work day or have the kids design a card to give before work. Kids are great for ideas so ask them what your love wants. They probably will tell you and be on the mark.

After you picked up a card, start to plan a date for two. No kids! They are cute and love you, but they need to stay home. Try looking at your local calendar or your partner’s favorite spots and see if there are any specials. Coupons can come in handy, but don’t brag, ‘hey I have a coupon’ unless they are frugal too and don’t care. My recommendation keep savings on the down low.

If you are stuck at home this weekend for whatever reason, hit the store,  grab a dinner for two, a movie, snack and curl up to a love movie. My favorite: Love Actually and Chocolat but you may have some other hits that you enjoy.

Have a plan! If you are home, your partner may start doing the laundry and not count the time together as anything, but another night at home. Garbage date! Home dates are fun but the home can dictate the mood so make sure your partner is unable to do anything, but focus on you.

You can always”Go bigger” some times with putting into the card tickets stubs, a printout to a restaurant or your dream weekend retreat. Yes, planning a huge date is awesome but dates like these sometimes on a Tuesday night like this Valentine’s Day.

My whole hearted recommendation is to buy a small something and a card this Tuesday and maybe plan for the weekend. This method should keep you out of the doghouse but instead in your partner’s arms.


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