The Importance of Being There

Yes, we all have a ton of stuff to do during the day, but the most important one is being there for your loved one. There will always be demands and not enough time, but making space for your partner is very super duper necessary.

By the way, the to-do list will be there even after you give your partner your time to listen, check in or hash out your day. At the end of the day being on the same page and allowing ‘partner time’  will pay off more than putting clothes away. Promise.  And yes connecting with each other through communication is a vital part relating to being a successful duo so make a date, not a formal date, but a time to sit, talk and listen over a cup of coffee.

In reality, it is the two people who make the relationship work not the housework, kids, and jobs. It is two people working together making room for each other which creates a working relationship.

Today check in with your partner and plan a schedule to say, “I am here for you.”


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