Stick to the plan

On a date, don’t deviate! Well there are exceptions but be aware that your changes can alter the date and you designed your date for a reason.  Also your new choices can cause discomfort with your partner unless it is a total flop and you have a good feeling from them that the date is on the verge of destruction.

 Talk about the new plan then  switch to something else but maybe the flop will flip to a fun night. One can only hope in that moment.

For example: I had to wait an hour to get into a light show. It was painful but we made the best of it. Yes, I could’ve changed plans and seen a movie but then we wouldn’t have seen the lights and shared the moment. We made a commitment to make it through and our choice turned out to be worth every minute. Best pics too.

Dates are created by you and for you so plan, create options in your minds and have a plan b if a isn’t working but don’t jump to quick to plan b because plan a could be working you. You just have to give it time.

I always go back to planning, attitude, and your commitment to the date. 

Stay with your first choice like when you were in school, don’t change your first answer. Your first intuition is probably right.


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