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Start Today: Valentine’s Day Planning

Yes, it is January and Valentine’s Day is not until February but planning now will help make the Love Day AMAZING and less stressful.

Days and weeks fly by filled with work, kids, and other things. Yep. Life gets in the way so it is never too early to plan for February 14th or that weekend after of before.

No lie! Valentine’s Day is already in the stores so shop early. When you are out, grab an item or two to make the week before a little less stressful. We all shop daily so while out shop, not the day of. Please, oh please don’t wait until the day of when cards are picked out and you are feeling overwhelmed to impress. Begin today!

If you want to go to a favorite restaurant in town, call NOW! You hate to wait and not get a reservation. Total let down. You preplanning will help the day go smoothly and hit all your expectations of the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Also take time to research cool events in your area featuring Valentine’s Day. Concerts, beer tasting, wine tasting, hotel discounts, etc. will be posted online and in the newspaper (what’s that?). Yes, newspaper. If you are a local bug and have done everything, search an hour out of town to explore a new town, dining spot or a cool activity. There is so much to do! Don’t get stuck in the “Done it.”

Also, if money is tight then think about cheap ways to bring in the romance. Dine in for two and book a family member or friend to watch the kids. Reserve a house party. Sometimes cooking together and not worrying about driving home is a great excuse to snuggle in and kick everyone out. Don’t forget to book the babysitter!!!

Countdown to has started!

My Lehigh Valley: Check out what is happening! Places to Stay  Eat More Eat

more to ideas to post…




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