Advice / Building Connections / Date Ideas / Gift / Love / Quick Date / Relationship

SaY You LOVE Them.

  1. Write I love u
  2. Text someone that u appreciate them
  3. Post a funny photo
  4. Send a feel good story to ur love
  5. Hold hands
  6. Give a kiss
  7. Buy flowers
  8. Bring a coffee home
  9. Be playful grab a balloon
  10. Make a cake
  11. Write a letter to ur love
  12. Frame a photo
  13. Grab a bottle to share
  14. Dance in the kitchen
  15. Take a walk hand in hand
  16. Draw a picture to give
  17. Sing a song to your love
  18. Plan a quick date
  19. Clean your room so fun can be had
  20. Have a positive attitude
  21. Send a selfie with a piece of paper saying why you love them
  22. Surprise your love with something that they would only know
  23. Smile and watch a good movie
  24. Give an unexpected massage
  25. Bring some candles and shine light on you
  26. Dress up and house party it
  27. Order in and feel like you are royalty
  28. Dream big
  29. Spend time together
  30. Say I love You!

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