Last place you looked

It has been a week and I still couldn’t locate my productivity planner. This was a gift from my sis trying to help me plan out my days and weeks . Too bad the company does know that I misplace or lose things constantly like my car in a parking lot, important papers and keys. It is house joke. Actually one Christmas a dear friend bought me a car key finder after a hunt for keys on a vacation. The planner should have had an alarm or a belt to attach to my hip.

Love is similar. It is the usually in the last place you looked. What? Yes, love can hide or we fall into ruts and must said out the search team.

When that happens, start to hunt. You have to reflect on the past to discover what made you happy and your love beautiful. It may take a week. You may scratch your head pondering what to do and where to look. The hated phrase: recount your steps will be stated.  Look. Seek. Find. Celebrate. 

When you find it, a sense of relief will come over you and you will breathe and feel amazing like a lucky winner.  At last, you located the missing. 

Now my lost item took a week but sometimes it will take longer and that’s okay as long as you keep searching looking for your love.

Oh I can’t find by bank card.


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