Can’t find a lid!

Dating can be challenging like matching storage containers. This morning as I packed lunches I couldn’t find a match. My frustration built and I became determined to locate the top and bottom and send it on its way. But first, I had to process how to do this effectively without exploding so early in the morning!

Dating and partnerships can be very similar. Most definitely. In very general terms, we are people trying to align ourselves with someone else. Pretty simple right? But it really isn’t. If you are dating or committed, you know what I mean, but I am asking all of us to think a little more on how we function.

During day, monitor your responses to people, texts and posts. In no time, you will find a pattern you may or may not like. But it you. It is up to you to find your hiccups and make changes. Okay going on.

In dating or relationships, I recommend staying calm and working through the process of finding the one or effectively functioning as a team because it is worth the time, energy and dedication in the end. Again I can suggest but I am still working on this myself. Let’s be real!

Also, don’t start the blame game. It never ends well for anyone! 

 If you are about to blow a blood vessel, be mindful of your reactions and how you deal situations.


  1. Think before you act
  2. Breath a few deep breathes
  3. Problem solve in your head 
  4. Process all possibilities 
  5. Slowly respond with your true intention
  6. Listen
  7. Review 

Practice these tips for a few days. You will quickly find a change in your relationships! I truly believe focusing on how you devote your time and energy will help locate true love.

Whatever you do,don’t give up. There is always a match waiting to be found or a love that needs to be rediscovered.

Oh yes, start to date!


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